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News Archive/January2004

Edit this page (last edited February 18, 2004)

-- Jan 29, 2004 --
Still growing. More users, more articles, and even better, we've got some new Templates! Specifically, NewArticleTemplate?, New Battle Games Issue Template, and New Battle Report Template. Read up in the Help section on how to use Templates. Use these to create new Articles, Battle Reports, and BGi ME Issues.

Some of the new articles created, BGi ME issue 1 at Publications/Battle Games In Middle Earth/Issue1, an article that lists a bunch of Banners to use at Miniatures/Painting/Banners, two conversion articles for creating woodelf spearmen in the Miniatures/Conversions section, and a new custom character, the Gaming/House Rules/Haradrim Knights.

-- Jan 26, 2004 --
Wow, lots of changes today! Check out the Recent Changes to see all the many pages, as well as skimming the Title Index for a complete listing of all pages. We've had a couple new articles (look at the Category Articles for a complete list) and a few new members (Category Users for a list). Things are bustling and growing!

-- Jan 25, 2004 --
Two new users have joined, and I'm hoping for some great activity from them: DevilStriker?, Cheddar and Mighty Mushroom. In fact, we've already had an article from one of them (or both) on themed armies at Miniatures/Collecting/Middle Earth Army Themes.

-- Jan 23, 2004 --
A couple new articles have been added: Terrain/Natural/Wood Chips for building natural rocky terrain (a work in progress) and Gaming/House Rules/Corsairs Of Umbar are rules for new mini's written by Hithero, we also have an excellent article on the fine art of grating cheese.

And speaking of Hithero, I added his webring to our list of links (see the Battle Game Ring page).

-- Jan 22, 2004 --
A new member has joined, everyone please welcome Galanth.

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Edited February 18, 2004 (diff)
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