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LotR Wiki

Ojno The Red

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Category Users

So who am I

e-mail: jonoreita (you know the symbol that goes here)

TLA: Ojno The Red

I'm formerly JonoTheCommo? (aka Jonathan Sherlock). I originally used this name because it's a nickname that stuck from housemate and I've used it before for other internet things. But it's not really in the spirit of things. So I'm getting into the spirit of things and doing my name again!

So I've decided to keep the "red" theme and call myself Ojno The Red. Ojno is a Red Wizard who's so obscure that he's not mentioned in the Silmarillion, Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit or anything else Tolkien has written. Red is the colour of blood and fire, so I guess I'll be learning more about him as I develop these pages!

I live in Melbourne, Australia with Reita (my wife), Harriet (who's 3), and Charlotte (who's 8 months).

The Addiction Begins

I started collecting BGi ME when it came out in Australia in Feb 2004. Immediately loved it, and subscribed. Have not played Lo TR before, and had only watched others play Warhammer. Total newbie at painting models, so have found instructions really useful so far (all the techniques totally new to me). Also love creating scenery.

Trawling the Net for Fellow Addicts

I had an idea for starting a "fan" website, but thought I'd put "Battle Games in Middle Earth" into Google and see what else is out there, and found this.

I've really enjoyed looking through some of the painting and scenary guides here. The Precious, Shnar Gru, King Of Gondor, Ranger of the North and Captain Of Gondor - I've looked at your work so far, and I'm really impressed. Lots of original ideas - this is just the sort of internet community I'm looking for. I've joined The Last Alliance as Ojno The Red

Let the children come ...

I'm really encouraged by the other gamers on this site who have kids! I really thought Harriet might only be interested when she's like 7 or 8, but I'm going to get her involved a bit earlier than that now. I've already got her a bit interested by getting her to put the undercoat on the models (she doesn't do a good job, but loves it anyway).

Harriet (now 3) enjoys either mucking around on Windows Paint while I'm painting models, or sitting next to me with her own paints and paper and painting pictures.

This Wiki thingamy is great

I do some IT stuff at work, and writing HTML is a real headache, especially when all I want to do is trade info with fellow enthusiasts.

My Reviews

Sorry, the following are being worked on again. Finally got the hang of templates and liked them as a guide much better than what I'd previously done.
  • Pack 1: /Jono The Commo And Pack1
  • Packs 2 and 3: /JonoTheCommoAndPack2And3?
  • Packs 4 and 5: /JonoTheCommoAndPack4And5?
  • Packs 6 and 7: /JonoTheCommoAndPack6And7?

I'll up to the Pack 12 scenary project. I'll put up some more photos and reviews of the packs as I get time. Pack 19 (with three paints and no figures!) was a bit of a turning point. It thoroughly discussed inks, washes and colour, and after this pack, the painting techniques get a lot more serious, building on the basics up until that point. Looking good!

My Army

I'm REALLY behind in my model painting and scenary building. I'll try to put up pictures when I get a chance to take some. My only models are those supplied with the BGi ME magazine, and at the moment they're more than enough to keep me occupied.

So far, I've painted 12 Moria Goblins, 8 Second Age Elves, 4 Second Age Men of Gondor, Frodo, 30 Uruk-hai, 2 Lurtz, Aragorn, 12 Rohirrim Warriors, Legolas, an Uruk-hai Captain, Boromir, and Gandalf. I've also painted 7 horses (the six from Pack 13 and the one that comes with Eomer) and I'm currently painting 6 Riders of Rohan.

After the Riders, I've got to do Saruman, Ugluk, Grishnakh, Eomer (although I've already done his horse), 12 more Moria Goblins (and I'll be salvaging my other ones as well), and Gimli.

I'll post pictures when I get them.

Scenary and Terrain

I'm thoroughly enjoying creating terrain and scenary. I'll be posting more pictures as part of my reviews and in galleries as I get the photos.


Terrain/Basics/Making Modelling Flock

If anyone from this community lives near Melbourne, Australia HA! then let's get in touch.

I've replicated the comments posted on my JonoTheCommo? page here. I'm deleting the page except for a direction to this page.


Hi and welcome to LotrWiki?! Remember to put Category Users somewhere on your page, if you need any help just ask!

-King Of Gondor

Yes! Another Aussie! I'm An Aussie Too! So What Army do u Collect? I Collect Men & Elves!

-Captain Of Gondor

Great, another aussie *rolls eyes*!. Joking. You might of guessed I'm a new zealander. Welcome to the site anyway, your flock article sounds like it could be really useful.

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671

Thanks for the welcome, guys. I've just done my "flock" article, see Terrain/Basics/Making Modelling Flock
Hey and Welcome! Your article is great! Are you on TLA? I can't wait to see your minis.

-Ranger of the North
I don't know what you are talking about being way behind in painting, you have painted more models than I haven't! lol I can't wait to see pics of them! My email is gothmogofmorgul(at) so maybe I'll see you on MSN!

-Ranger of the North

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