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LotR Wiki

Osgiliath Invaded

Edit this page (last edited October 14, 2006)

Four Warriors of Minas Tirith stood on the West bank of the River Anduin, looking into the darkness of the uncomfortably quiet water, while fifteen Rangers of Gondor, their Captain, Faramir and Madril where sitting around the camp by the ruined watchtower.

Ten Warriors of Minas Tirith on horseback trotted pass towards the north, while five more stayed on the bank of the river with the other soldiers.

Suddenly, arrows came whistling out of the darkness of the Anduin and two warriors on foot and one rider fell to the ground, screaming, while clutching thick black arrows protruding from their chests and arms. "To the river, quick!" yelled Faramir, while the remaining warriors on the bank, dismounted and drew their swords, then took cover behind whatever they could. At least twenty, huge wooden boats could be seen through the mist on the water, full of growling orcs, led by three captains and their leader Gothmog, in the front most boat.

The Rangers positioned themselves near the bank and all sixteen volleyed into the front boat. With an expert display of archery, they killed Gothmog and three Orcs with swords before they had even reached the bank. The Orcs returned fire, but the arrows only hit armour or rubble, as most of the Gondorians were behind cover. The rangers volleyed again, killing four more orcs, while Faramir wounded one of the Orc Captains with his finely crafted longbow. The Orcs had now reached the bank, and the fronts of the boats came crashing down, and angry orcs came pouring out of them. The rangers split up into three groups and spread across the bank, continuous shooting brought down four more orcs. The Captain went to join the group of soldiers on the bank, and mounted one of the lone horses, then came back to the line of the rangers

Twenty or more orcs rushed at the Gondorians who were hidden behind the rubble, killing all of them without loss. The screams of their dying comrades put an arrow of fear through the rangers hearts, as seven of them turned and fled into the darkness of Osgiliath. "Fight!" screamed Madril, "for Gondor, for your country!" More boats landed, sending more orcs onto the shore. "CHARGE!" shouted the rangers. The remaining eight rangers, Madril and Faramir charged headlong into the Orcs, killing two but losing a ranger. The next few minutes provided huge losses as twelve orcs and five more rangers were massacred leaving just one ranger, Faramir and Madril, against what seemed like hundreds of orcs.

The mounted Captain Ranger carefully aimed his bow and shot into the recently landed boat but missed altogether, and as six Orcs rushed at him with weapons drawn, he dropped his bow and drew his sword, then galloped into the group, killing two.

Faramir charged headlong into another group of Orcs, taking one’s head off, as a sword bounced off his armour. Madril joined him in this fray, killing two with one swing of his sword. Then came an excellent display of archery as a single orc fired into a battle between Faramir and four Orcs, and with a miracle, got Faramir in the thigh, the Captain screamed but still stood firm and killed another orc, stabbing him straight through the belly.

When it seemed all hope had faded, the reinforcements came, ten Gondorian knights, who crashed into an orc flank, killing twenty four and losing three. More reinforcements came from the south in the shape of thirty Warriors of Minas Tirith on foot and a captain, but as they were rushing towards the battle, orc archers took out seven warriors. All orcish boats had now landed, with more than one hundred and fifty orcs now attacking the few, scared defenders. After cutting the head off of an orc, Madril ran to an exhausted Faramir "We can't hold them! The city is lost." he said, and Faramir replied, "Tell the men to break cover. We ride to Minas Tirith."

Faramir and Madril continued to fight, Faramir keeping eight orcs at bay, killing one, one Madril was surrounded by orcs, who knocked him to the ground and stabbed him several times, killing him. "No!!" screamed Faramir, who charged into more Orcs and killed three more, with an excellent display of swordsmanship, taking off two heads and one leg.

The orcs who had killed Madril rushed to join the main force attacking the knights, who now were only five strong, with orc bodies littered around them, while the captain and his men had been whittled down to twelve. "Pull back!" shouted Faramir, and as the defenders started to run, the last ranger, two knights and four warriors on foot fell to arrows in their backs, while another's mount was killed, making him have to run.

The Captain of the Rangers shouted "Retreat! I will hold them!" He gave them just enough time to escape, holding off twenty one orcs in the gap between two buildings before being cruelly cut down from behind, by an Orc Captain with a spear, who drilled it into his back He joined Madril, along with many other Gondorians whose blood stained the west bank of the Anduin, taken by the red eye of Sauron. "Pull back to Minas Tirith!" yelled Faramir, as three Nazgul on Fell Beasts swooped down into the battle...

By Ben (King-Elessar)

So what does everybody think? This was based on an actual battle that me and my friend lpayed, I just decided to give it a nicer to read write-up

It was very interesting but isnt that what happened in the movie other than that it was good


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