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LotR Wiki

Prince Of Mirkwood

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Hello My Name is Elias and I Come From Australia. I Am 10 years old and My Big Brother is Captain Of Gondor. I have been collecting Lord of the Rings Miniatures since the first BGI ME Issue came out. For my Birthday last year I got a ROTK Box set and I gave my brother about 5 womt. And I collect moria goblins and high elves. I will post more stuff later in the day.


Friends List

" *cog he's my bro and he got me into it! *rotn he's is very very helpful! *kog/eomer there good friends! *shnar gru we would'nt be here with out him!

 Prince Of Mirkwood 
MSN Addy:


Use these links to create your galleries.


As you create articles for the site, remember to enter a link to them here.
For example:


Welcome to Lot R Wiki!! Haha I beat Captain Of Gondor here!!! Good to see new members. How long have you been collecting Lot R Models?


Hay Prince Of Mirkwood, so your Co G brother, that must make you a good painter!lol. Can't wait to see your models.

- Eomer
Hey RangerOfTheNorth? I hate to burst your bubble but I'm the one who created this page! Prince Of Mirkwood is my BROTHER!!! And Eomer just between you and me (he's not a very good painter lol) but he's really good at painting warhammer 40k tyranids!

-Captain Of Gondor

OPPS!! My mistake. lol

- Eomer

Hey Eomer i am a pretty good painter.

- Prince Of Mirkwood

Cool. You should put up a miniature gallery for your minis.

- Eomer
Welcome aboard Prince. Can't wait to see some of your mini's. Hey Co G, I've painted a few tyranids, well, actually just Genestealers for that Space Hulk boardgame, I should post them up...

-Shnar Gru
You should.

- Eomer

Ges wat i got for cristmas. 1. battle for middle earth. 2. lotr chess set. 3. the balrog of morgoth. 4. gorfindel on horse and on foot. 5. lotr the third age. 6. cave troll w/hammer. 7. duburz.

- Prince Of Mirkwood

I made a site This is the link

Interesting but not much in there.

- Eomer

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