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LotR Wiki

Prince Of Mirkwood/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited May 12, 2005)

Here's my miniature gallery.

Cave Troll


First Painted, Moria Goblin

Legolas & Gimli on Horse

Converted Moria Goblin Captain

Radagast the Brown


Legolas and Gimli on horseback look good, particularly the horse. It's painted well, but I will give you a tip. It looks like you're loading your brush with a bit too much paint. Remember, when painting miniatures, less on your brush is better. And use fine strokes. It may take longer to cover the area, but it lessens the mistakes you can make. Good luck!

-Wolves of Isengard
I like the rdagast the brown, maybe you could use a bit more detail. Elrohir Of Rivendel
there good but like what wolves of isengard said theres way to much paint legionar of the eye

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Edited May 12, 2005 (diff)
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