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Publications/Battle Games In Middle Earth/Issue2/Shnar Grus Battle Report

Edit this page (last edited September 5, 2013)

Shnar Gru's Battle Report

It's been a while since Issue 1's Battle Report, but my son and I are still playing and here is the report for Issue 2.

  • Shnar Gru's Battle Report
  • Scenario: The Last Alliance
  • Tactics and Force Selection - Forces of Good
  • Tactics and Force Selection - Forces of Evil
  • Turn 1: Deployment
  • Turn 2: Archers attack!
  • Turn 3: Don't shoot until you see the white in their eyes
  • Turn 2: Title
  • Turn 3: Don't Forget Pictures
  • Turn 4: Conclusion
  • Results
  • Conclusions - The Forces of Good
  • Conclusions - The Forces of Evil
  • Comments
  • Scenario: The Last Alliance

    The Last Alliance scenario pits Goblins against Men of Gondor and High Elves. Seems like an unfair fight, especially when you consider that it's only 12 goblins against the 12 forces of good. But, this wasn't a straight out fight. The Forces of Good are attempting to stall the reinforcements of Evil forces. If they can keep all of the Goblins from moving to the front lines (i.e. crossing from one side of the map to another), then they win. The Goblins only need to have 1 model escape off the opposite end of the board to win. Such an easy goal balances out the otherwise mismatched game.

    Setup: Very simplistic, a 3'x 3' board is required. To represent this, our table is 3 feet wide, so we put books and boxes 3 feet down the length to create a border. As in Issue #1, no terrain as yet, and since we haven't had time to paint very many of the miniatures (only a couple goblins, using the painting guide from Issue #1), we are using unpainted miniatures.

    Tactics and Force Selection - Forces of Good

    Bryce K. Nielsen, a.k.a. Shnar Gru
    A change in tactics this time around, Jershon wanted to play the good side. I was at first dismayed by the obvious unbalance in this game (12 elves/men vs. 12 goblins) but became heartened by the seemingly easy objectives. My strategy will be to split the forces up, send a group on each side of the board and hope someone gets through. I'll probably also have to play a sacrifice ploy, having one or two models hold up as many good models as they can.

    Tactics and Force Selection - Forces of Evil

    Jershon L. Nielsen, my son
    He's now six, a year has passed since our first battle report, and we've played a couple other games, so his experience will be a good boon. Elves and men should be able to take down orcs without a hitch. His strategy, just charge and kill as quickly as possible.

    Turn 1: Deployment

    The evil side deployed first, separating into three even groups of Goblins, with all the archers on the western side. The good side deployed an even, randomly grouped line of elves and men in the middle of their side of the board.

    Both sides moved their maximum allowance, advancing in pretty much a straight line. A couple orcs were within range of the elven archers, but no wounds were inflicted.

    Turn 2: Archers attack!

    Evil won priority on this turn, and split the advancing charge into an eastern and western front, forcing the Good side to determine how best to tackle both sides. 4 Goblin archers headed west, and the other swordsmen and spearmen went east. To counter this, only a small contingency of elves and men broke off to face the goblin archers. The main part of the good army went staight towards the bulk of goblins off to the east. And a pair of archers lingered back to head off any globins that might break through.

    No one was yet in melee range, but there were plenty of arrows flying back and forth. One of the orc arrows struck true, slaying an elf archer, but the remaining 3 archers slaughtered 2 orcs. Chock one up for the good side.

    Jershon: Breaking apart their forces is not a good idea. I can easily piece meal them once we hit melee, and my archers have a better kill ratio. There's not much he can do to survive!

    Turn 3: Don't shoot until you see the white in their eyes

    Jershon was able to win priority this round, though it didn't help yet. The two groups were still too far away to engage in melee. After a quick advancement, the arrows flew again. A couple hits but no wounds were inflicted. The two sides were prepping themselves for hand to hand combat. The orcs may attempt to create a shield wall with their own bodies, allowing some to slip past the main battle, though priority will be a major determining factor.

    === Turn 4:

    below here is old stuff just to remind me of some formatting stuff

    Turn 2: Title

    Each Turn should have it's own section. And rather than just listing "Turn 1", "Turn 2", etc., I recommend you giving a descriptive title, such as "Turn 2: The Charge" or "Turn 6: Aragorn's Last Stand", etc.

    Turn 3: Don't Forget Pictures

    Not every turn needs photos, but the usual rule is the more the better. There are typically four types of images to include in a Battle Report:

    Map Layouts: These images are usually hand-drawn layouts of the map, showing where the units are and where they had moved to, etc.
    Mini Photos: Photos of the miniatures of the battle itself. If you include these, you will almost always want to have fully painted miniatures on completed terrain. Anything else is going to hurt the article more than help it. You're looking to make these images as realistic as possible, almost like they are stills from a movie.
    Player Photos: These photos are pictures of the players themselves. There typically aren't very many of these, usually just a headshot shown in the Force Selection section, maybe one in the middle of the article that shows off the gaming board with the players around them, and then typically a photo at the end showing the victor dancing on the defeated's grave.
    Flavor Shots: Lastly, you can include real photos/still from the Lot R movies to add overall flavor to the Battle Report, but these should be few and far between. It's usually better to use realistic looking mini's over a real photo.

    Turn 4: Conclusion

    There will always be a "Conclusion" turn, i.e. the last turn of a game. Just don't forget to include it ;)


    One last descriptive paragraph, describe the results of the conflict. Again, emphasize narrative over technical.

    You should also sign the article here, i.e. just list your name.

    Conclusions - The Forces of Good

    Each good player now lists out what he thought of the scenario. This is basically his/her section to rant/rave about the battle.

    Conclusions - The Forces of Evil

    Similar to above, quotes from the evil players about how the battle went.


    List your comments here.
    I am sure this will be another great article!! When will the rest be up?

    Hehehe, I'm working on it. I'm slowly getting bits done here and there. I've got all the photos taken but I need to edit them in photoshop. Hopefully by the end of the week. I'll probably post it up on TLA too, since they accepted my Issue #1 Battle Report.

    -Shnar Gru
    Good Battlereport, cant wait for more, just one probbo - Your playing evil, yet are under the "Forces of Good" section, and sonny boy is good, yet under "Forces of Evil"..?

    Neix J
    Yes a good battle yeah ya might wanna change wat Neix J said.


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