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Publications/White Dwarf

Edit this page (last edited July 31, 2006)

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White Dwarf is Games Workshop's inhouse magazine. released monthly it contains articles on Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and of course The Lord of the Rings SBG.

A lot of these articles are of use for reference and it is helpful to be able to find them quickly when you need them instead of flicking through a pile of back numbers. To that end I am in process of producing a table of LordOfTheRings? articles. Please feel free to edit and improve upon this (that's what WIKI is all about surely! ) as the more information this table includes, the better!

As I am UK-based I only have access to UK magazines (contents differ in UK, US, Oz and Europe and the numbering system is different: for instance in the US the numbers are 1 digit lower than the UK - so UK issue 287 will be US issue 286 with some variation in contents). I also plan to include more details of scenarios (figures needed, etc), when time permits. I think we are up to issue 290 now in the UK, so any help in updating this will be appreciated

Anyway, enough gassing, here it is:

Painting guides Terrain feature Scenario
see Publications/Scenarios for details
Battle report Other
262      Introduction to FOTR game
263 Men of Gondor
High Elves
Moria Goblins
Balins Tomb Orcs Attack Orcs Attack In the box (Contents of the Fot R edition of the game)
Interview with Rick Priestley
264 Cavetroll
Weathertop    Interview with Richard Taylor
265 Mordor Orcs
   Escape from Balins Tomb Getting Started (How to play Fot R)
Interview with Peter Jackson
266 Balrog Bridge at Khazad-Dum    Interview: Sean Austin
Celeborn and Galadriel diorama
267 Lothlorien Elves
Kings of men
Twilight Nazgul
Mounted Nazgul
Amon Hen Ambush at Amon Hen
1 - To The Rescue
2 - Capture the Halflings
268 Elrond
   Ambush at Amon Hen  
269 Legolas
  Evil in Bree
Ambush on the road to Rivendell
  Core Tactics
270   Bree    Interview: Perry twins
271 Sauron boxed set   Sauron Unleashed
Escape from Orthanc
Wizards Duel
  Rules updates
Rules for Sauron
Gwaihir Q&A
Using magic against mounted models
272   Edge of Lothlorien   Cross the Silverlode How to assemble multi-part miniatures
273 Arwen on Asfaloth   Race to Bruinen Ford The Lord of the Ring (Last Alliance) FAQ
Review of Weathertop terrain piece
274      Preview of TTT
Rules: Points matches
Daren Parrwoods Dioramas
275 Haldir & his elves (TTT)    Wrath of Rohan TTT Game Designers Notes
276 Sharku and Warg Riders
Basic Techniques
Helms Deep part 1    Modelling Workshop: Banners
Diorama: Fight at Amon Hen
277 Heroes of Helms Deep
Uruk-hai and Riders of Rohan
Helms Deep part 2   The Deeping Wall Getting Started (How to play TTT edition of the game)
278 Treebeard Modelling Helms Deep   Defend the Gateway Siege Tactics
279 Captured by Gondor   Faramirs Escape
A Fort Too Far
  War in Middle-Earth (How to design scenarios)
280 Gamling and Rohan Royal Guard, Rangers of Gondor Rohan house Defence of the Westfold
Damrods Gambit
  Tactics: Cavalry
Rules: Rohan Royal Guard
281 Legolas and Gimli on horseback   Duel on Zirak-Zigil
In the Shadow of Osgiliath
  Tactics: Isengard
Darren Parrwood’s light-up Balrog
282   Hollin Gate of Moria The Watcher in the Water The Watcher in the Water Modelling: Watcher in the Water
Modelling: Ents
Rules: Ents
Rules: Watcher in the Water
283    Battle for the Dwarrowdelf
The Rescue of Thrar
Battle for the Dwarrowdelf Tactics: Dwarves
284 Ringwraith on Fell Beast set Pillars of Moria Theyre here!
The Second Hall
  Tactics: Moria Goblins
Rules: Ringwraiths and Fell Beasts
Rules: Fantasy Fellowship
285 Fog on the Barrow Downs set Barrow Gil-galads hunt   Tactics: High Elves
Rules: Elnaith Gil-galad Bilbo Haldir Elendil Isildur Gandalf the Grey Sharku Grishnakh Lurtz
286 Radagast
the Sons of Elrond(Elladan + Elrohir)
  Butchers of Isengard
Ride of the Ringwraiths
1 - Osgiliath
  Tactics: Spellcasters
Preview of Ro TK
287 Heroes of the West   Battle for Minas Tirith
Ride of the Ringwraiths
2 - The Gap of Rohan
Battle for Minas Tirith Designers Notes: Rot K
Rot K Sneak Peek
288 Mordor Orcs   The Black Gate Opens
Ride of the Ringwraiths
3 - Slaughter at Sarn Ford
The Black Gate Opens Tactics: New Ro TK rules
289 Warriors of Minas Tirith
Mordor Orcs
Osgiliath ruins The Red Arrow
The Gathering Storm
Ride of the Ringwraiths
4 - Amon Sul
  Rules: Playing in Mordor
Tactics: Gondor
290   Modular gaming board Ride of the Ringwraiths
5 - The Ford of Bruinen
  Tactics: Mordor
Rules: Return of the Fantasy Fellowship
Seige of Gondor preview
291 Rangers of Gondor
Mordor Uruks
  To the Walls
Seige of Minas Tirith
Seige of Minas Tirith Designers notes: Seige of Gondor
292   Minas Tirith houses
The Tower of Orthanc
Clash of Arms
The Retreat to Dale
  Rules for 250 pt games
Tactics for Sieges
Converting Captains
Rules for Moria
293   Rohan watchtower The Depths of Mirkwood
The Corsairs of Umbar
  Rules and tactics for Mirkwood Elves
Rules for non-Orc Siege Bows
Answers to Rules Queries (a distilled FAQ)
294 Shelob Painting guide Building a River
Helm's Deep on the cheap
Escape on the Water
She Hunts
  River Assualt Rules
How to build your own Boats
Ranger Captains
Modelling and painting Shelob
295 Easterling Painting guides
Brief guide on painting forces
  The Biter bit   Battle Royale new troops
Conversion Showcase
The muster of middle earth
Assault on minas tirith
The beacons are lit
296 somethingfighting something killing something how to use something somethingareother )
297 Warriors of Haradrim Painting Guide
Rohan Royal Guard & Gothmog Painting Guide
  The Depths of Mirkwood   Haradrim Army guide
Mumak tactics
Battle Companies rules
Siege of Gondor painting and conversion ideas
298 High Elves
Moria Goblins
Cave Troll
  The Uprising
The Kinstrife
Thorongil's raid
The Salvation of Imrath
Boromir's Charge
  History of the Haradrim
Mumak Conversion part 1
the Order of the Hasharii
Harad Timeline

-Os Bad
Hey Os Bad, do you want this to be a LotR + White Dwarf listing only? Or do you want to expand this for all White Dwarf issues?

Probably a lot of work to do that though, huh? I was just thinking a general White Dwarf resource would be cool, especially since there are only select GW games I play. Oft times I'll wonder if a certain WD issue has an article on one of the games I play, like Space Hulk or Blood Bowl, etc.

-Shnar Gru
I have no problem in it being expanded. As this was a Lot R site, and although I enjoy the stuff for the other GW games I don't play them (although I do paint 40k figures for my nephews), I hadn't really thought about it. My main aim was to list the painting guides so I didin't have to riffle through my magazines everytime, and to detail the scenarios so that I knew what models to buy if I wanted to play them. Something I plan to do in future is list all the official scenarios from the rulebooks, WD and BGi ME and the number of models you need to play each, that way you can tailor your colection appropriately - for instance if you want to play some Dwarf scenarios but don'tIt does sound to be a useful tool for people in the position you describe - players of the "Fanatic" games in particular. As you say though it would be a lot of work ...

Something that did occur to me though was that there are sometimes articles of direct interest to Lot R players in the rest of the mag - particularly scenery. Having a general White Dwarf page with sub pages for the games covered might be a way ahead. One thing that perhaps needs attention is the US version - I am aware that the US numbering is one lower than the UK one - i.e. UK issue 288 is US issue 287, and that also there is some variation in content. Maybe a second listing (or even just a second column?) for the US might be in order (something I can't do as I do not have any US magazines), also of course our Antipodaean and European friends have their own contents too, but until we get some members from there on the site ...

I'd also like to put in some piccies, like you have done for the BGi ME review.

The good news is that already I have found the list useful - I found the Warg painting guide last night using it Much nicer than my hand-scribbled list I used to have at home!

-Os Bad
Hmm, interesting. I like the idea of having "master lists", all encompasing lists of a specific Lot R related item, like you suggest, a Scenario List that lists out some basic details of every scenario. I'll think on that one for a bit and maybe piece them together.

The problem with making this list a more general White Dwarf list is that we're already cramming a lot of data in our table, we're running out of realestate, so to speak. I do agree that listing other articles that Lot R players would find useful is good (I pick up White Dwarfs mainly for Lot R, but will peruse the mag for other tidbits that help my Lot R modelling, parituclarly terrain building. See my Lorien Flet in Shnar Gru/Terrain Gallery. It's inspired from a "Elf Tree Village" from the WH part of WD), so maybe one more collumn, but other then that I don't know.

If you're feeling really ambitious, then you can create subpages for each magazing and link them from here, similar to the BGi ME pages. Have this be the general listing page, but with specific details on a subpage for that issue. You'll probably need to tinker with that to determine if it's worth doing or not. I'm enjoying my detailed reviews of BGi ME, which helps me to keep posting new reviews.

-Shnar Gru
This is quite useful, thanks guys!

Please join my forums,, we have 440 members!


Thanks. Just an editing note, if you put brackets around your name like this [[Morgoth]], it will be linked to your homepage (i.e. it will be linked like this: Morgoth). Since you don't have two capital letters in your name, wiki doesn't know auto-link your name, so you have to manually tell it to with the double-brackets.

Also, a horizontal line is 4 dashes, not 3 (i.e. ----).

And lastly, don't forget to set your username in your User Preferences, so we can all know who's changing what

-Shnar Gru

Hey Osbad,

If you want, to make this list tighter, you probably don't need to list the forces on the scenarios. I'm doing that in the Publications/Scenarios list. You could just refer the reader there for details...

-Shnar Gru
Sounds great. I was thinking the descriptions on my list were a bit thin to be truly useful - I'll investigate ASAP.

Update: Just looked at the scenarios list. Excellent! A most useful resource - exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! I have deleted the contents of each scenario and x-reffed to your schedule. The point of the thing was so that people could say - "I have these models, what scenarios can I play?" Or "What are the minimum purchases I need to make to be able to play some good scenarios?" Once I have completed my 1000 point Moria army, the next project on the figures side of things is to paint up enough models to be able to play alll the rulebook and WD scenarios. I decided to take the sytematic approach rather than just randomly going crazy on new releases like I used to in the early days ...

-Os Bad

I took the liberty of adding the guides for white dwarf 294 and 295, hope you dont mind. The Terrain Dude
Not at all. Thanks for saving me the effort - that's what WIKI is all about! Cheers -Os Bad

Just a question for the people that update the table on the details on what is in the white dwarf magazines, are you updating it with what is contained in the UK edition of the magazine? Im asking because i was going to update the table with details but it seems that whats in my versions of the magazine (AUST edition) is different from what is contained in the table.

Hey Os Bad,

I added in brackets the sons of elrond(Elladen + Elrohir) on issue 286 if your o.k. with that....

-Citadel Guard

I've updated the Whitedwarf listing showing what is in the Australian issue 296


Hmm. The clue is in the title:"Issue(UK)" I suspect the contents of the Oz edition varies somewhat (as does the US edition)

I suggest if we want to include non-UK editions (which would be a good thing), we should not mix them on the same table as that would just be very confusing...

The whole point of the list is so that we can find an old article that may be of use - e.g. a painting guide or scenario. If the issue number actually refers to a different edition of the magazine then it is broken!

May I suggest you remove all the non-UK data and include it in a second table?

Note please: This isn't about trying to make out that the UK edition is better or anything. Far from it! In fact I happen to think that with regard to LOTR the US edition is far superior (or at least it was until Nick Davis was sacked by GW) But I only have access to the UK edition so could not put anything else up at the time.

Os Bad

Looking at this i see that it is nearly 15 months out of date, in the sense that i haven't updated it since late 2004. What is really, really sad though is that there hasn't been a single article worth listing since that time. In the late '290's (IMHO) WD took a nosedive in quality and the decline in quality of articles has continued unabated ever since - rare indeed now is the article that I will look at twice, in fact even bother to read - nowadays all it seems WD is good for is flicking through and looking at the pretty pictures, many of which are even reprints or have been seen months earlier on the Internet. Anyhow, my subscription expires this year and will not be renewed (unless a miracle occurs and quality rises again). Sad, sad, sad...

Os Bad

Where do you turn to for goot Lotr content? I haven't received a BGi ME in a long time, are they still good publications? I still pick up White Dwarf, since it's really the only thing out here that has anything related to Lotr. I've not been able to play in a long time though, so other than casual magazine reading, that's about all I can do right now

I should take some time and update this list. Resources like this is what sets LotrWiki? apart from other Lotr sites. The BGi ME, White Dwarf, all Scenarios, etc., are great, living compilations. Man I wish I had more time

-Shnar Gru
My sub to WD lapsed with issue (UK) 319. The true shame is that I was glad to see it end - sort of putting to sleep a pet that had outlived its allotted lifespan. That magazine has such potential it is such a shame to see it all wasted in becoming a mere glossy catalogue of the latest product. If it picks up again ata some point in the future I shall maybe resubscribe. But it will have to pick up an awful lot!

BGi ME just ended at issue 91 last week in the UK. It went out on a high note - the terrain project was Sandyman's Mill and is one of the best things I have seen in a long while emanating from Lenton. Truly BGi ME was the jewel in GW's LOTR crown! If you can get hold of any of the BGi ME mags from eBay for a couple of $ then it is worth it I reckon!

-Os Bad

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