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Edit this page (last edited February 20, 2004)

Hey I'm actually only a villager on TLA but oh well.

My email is

I sorta have a LOTR SBG web page -


Use these links to create your galleries.
  • /MiniatureGallery?
  • /SculptingGallery?
  • /TerrainGallery?


Scenario: Gaming/Community Scenarios/Ambush On The East Road

War Story: Gaming/WarStories/AmbushOnTheEastRoad?
Welcome aboard Ranger. Most of us are villagers on TLA (not counting Os Bad that is), it's hard to find the time to write the articles. I've found Wiki writing (i.e. this website) is a lot more fluid, you can start now, add little by little here and there, finish later. You can even get help from others in the community who want to contribute to your article.

Thanks for joining, and contributing already

-Shnar Gru
I have lots of time to write articles, considering I only have to go to school during the day. Where did the scenario go??

Hrm, that's odd. It should be there, I had just altered the link to be a Wiki link. Lemme adjust that.

Figured out what it was, when you'd created the article, you had spaces in the name. Don't need to do that for Wiki Name's, as the web will add spaces where the capital letters start. I renamed the page to remove the spaces, now the link works. Sorry 'bout the confusion.

As for articles, any ideas you have go ahead and start. Otherwise, browse the different sections, or even look at the Title Index for a master list of all pages. If you see a topic that interests you, and particularly if it needs more work, then start contributing. In particular, the Gaming/Community Scenarios/Scouring Of The Shire, the Publications/White Dwarf, Gaming/House Rules/Dol Amroth Campaign, and the BGi ME section all need some additional work. Oh, and if you have time, think about adding images to any contributions you create, always helps.

Again, sorry 'bout the confusion, and welcome aboard

-Shnar Gru
Thanks for fixing it up. I've never used anything like Wiki before, and it's a bit confusing.

I'm really liking Wiki myself and can see some great applications for other sites (I'll probably throw a couple up on my Sys Onyx site). I too am getting used to it, links are the hardest I think. Look through the Help files, they're sorta ok (I think I'll update those myself as I understand better).

The coolest thing about Wiki is that your articles here aren't fixed, unlike other Lot R sites. Meaning that if you want to add or change something about your articles, on other sites that you had submitted you pretty much can't, where-as here, have at it!

-Shnar Gru
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