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LotR Wiki

Ranger Of The North

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Ranger of the North
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    Hey! About 7 months ago, my aunt told me about these lotr models that my cousin is collecting so I immeadiately bought the Rot K starter set, learned the rules and every few weeks I would buy more lotr models (and not painting them). So now I have about 100 models sitting on my kitchen table which I am now seriously starting to paint. These you will see (hopefully) in my miniatures gallery. Recently I have been interested in making terrain. I live in USA.
    Ranger of the North

    E-Mail: arch1190[at], gothmogofmorgul[at]
    AIM: arch1190
    MSN: gothmogofmorgul[at]
    The Last Alliance: Khamul of the Nine
    the One Ring: Khamul of the Nine
    Vot R: Ranger Of The North
    mIRC: Khamul of the Nine
    Wiki: Ranger of the North

    My Wiki Friends

    (No particular order)

    Army List

    • 31 Mordor Orcs-19 painted
    • 1 Mordor Orc Captain-Hand Weapon, Painted
    • 24 Wo MT-8 Spear, 8 Bows, 8 Swords
    • Aragorn-Bow
    • Legolas
    • Gimli
    • Boromir
    • Gandalf
    • Frodo
    • Sam
    • Pippin
    • Merry
    • 24 Moria Goblins-8 Spear, 8 Sword, 8 Bows
    • Durburz
    • Aragorn-Mounted-Horse, Armor(I think)
    • Theoden-Horse
    • Sauron
    • Isildur/Elendil?
    • Cave Troll with spear-Blister pack, not painted
    • Sharku-Shield
    • 2 Warg Riders-1 with Throwing Spear and shield, 1 with Bow
    • 12 Warriors of Harad-War Mumak of Harad boxed set
    • 1 Mumakil!!!!!!!!!!!-War Mumak of Harad boxed set


    • Skull White
    • Chaos Black
    • Bubonic Brown
    • Scorched Brown
    • Bestial Brown
    • Chainmail
    • Snakebite Leather
    • Codex Grey
    • Dwarf Flesh
    • Terracotta
    • Brown Ink
    • Goblin Green
    • Rotting Flesh
    • Shadow Grey
    • Dark Angels Green
    • Scab Red
    • Fortress Grey
    • Tanned Flesh
    • Dark Flesh
    • Ultramarines Blue
    • Mithril Silver
    • Boltgun Metal
    • Graveyard Earth
    • Elf Flesh
    • Liche Purple
    • Shining Gold



      /Miniature Gallery
      /Terrain Gallery

    Welcome to LOTR wiki!!!!i'm 13 to but what country are ya from there's only one other canadian on this site than me.Is this your user page?if not the otherpage that u created is(For The Question Mark).and if you want to be on the the all users page put 'Category Users'somewhere on your page(i did it for u),usually at the bottom.I've added your terrain gallery and miniatures gallery, when u want to make one of your gallery's click on the question mark and type in or post pictures of what u's also good to have an army list of what u have.if u want to have it ike most people have their list put it in like this:double space*space
    double space*space
    • Aragorn

    -Thanx 4 Joining,Citadel Guard
    I took category users off the other page cause otherwise I'd have 2 how can I delete the other one? Nd how can I make this my user page?

    -Ranger of the North
    The only way to delete the other page is to ask Shnar Gru to do it cuz he's the only one who can.this is already your user page,if some one click's on RangerOfTheNorth? they will come here.just like if u click on my Citadel Guard u will go to my user page.

    -Citadel Guard
    But when I click "my user page" it sends me to the one that I asked Shnar Gru to delete.

    -Ranger of the North
    Reeally...Then copy this page and paste on your the page that is your user page then that is your real user page,(sorry for the Confusion)

    -Citadel Guard
    Hi I'm 12yrs Old, & I'm Pretty Sure That We've Talked on VOTR. Do You Have MSN Messenger By Any Chance? It Would Be Nice to Talk! Anyway Enjoy the Site & I Can't Wait to See Your Miniature Gallery!

    P.S What Type of Army do You Collect?

    -Captain Of Gondor
    If you are the same captain of gondor on VOTR then we have talked on it. I dont have MSN messenger sorry, I am on AOL but I dont know if I can talk through that to MSN though but maybe I'll see ya there. Up till now I have been collecting anything but I would like to collect Dwarves and Mordor.

    -Ranger of the North
    Lookin Good!!!

    -Citadel Guard
    Hey King Of Gondor thanks about that, I had to delete it though to get my real user page here hope you dont mind.

    -Ranger of the North
    My Miniature Gallery wont be lookin so good right now, I need more paints. Next I am painting my wargs.

    -Ranger of the North
    YAY! You Finally Got An Army List Up! Can't Wait to See your Miniatures!

    -Captain Of Gondor

    Welcome to the site RangerOfTheNorth?. I'm pretty sure we talked on VOTR too.

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    I can't wait to see your mini gallery,do you have digital camera?

    -Citadel Guard
    Yes, I have a digital camera but I dont know how to upload pictures here.

    -Ranger of the North
    It's simple just go to a site that uploads pics(i use the url tag and paste it on your page!

    -Citadel Guard
    Once I get my new computer I will try to get pics here. It should be here on Tues. or Wed.;)

    -Ranger of the North
    Whens that?I cant wait to see your mini gallery

    -Citadel Guard
    Kool! Can't wait! I Luv Looking At Peoples Minitures!

    -Captain Of Gondor

    SO DO I!

    -King Of Gondor
    Actually it will come by the 10th 13th or 14th there was a mesup with shipping.

    ps. Citadel Guard and some other guys, you should download votr

    -Ranger of the North
    I don't want to cuz are computer is really slow and I don't want to make it have problems.Plus I don't have room on our computer anyways.(sorry)

    -Citadel Guard
    O ok. it doesnt take that much memory and I downloaded it on my grandmas worst computer and it was fine though! but whatever, do what u want

    -Ranger of the North
    I downloaded Vot R not to long ago and have to test it out.

    Neix J
    Cool whats yur name on it?

    -Ranger of the North
    NeixJenson? - I was talking to you before, but you didnt reply?

    Neix J
    Sorry about that then! Sometimes Votr gets disconnected and I dont notice it so I just think no one is on

    -Ranger of the North
    Its Ok!

    Neix J
    Last night I played a game and wrote a battle report on it, It took about 3hrs to play and write (only about 250 pts)!! I dont know if it is any good because I havent read one in a while and mightve made it a little boring but I will try to get it up here as soon as possible. I took pictures of it which I may not get up here so soon, so if I cant I will just type it up and put them on later. I hope you guys like it!

    -Ranger of the North

    If you're into scenery then you should check out some the things ive done, By the way, Iíve been playing on this mint text based internet game called Kingsofchaos at kings of chaos .com, If you click on the link below, you guys can become my officer and you can get soildiers and robb other armies, over 200 000 people play in total its great, just click on the link below and follow the instructions to become myofficer It says im only ranked 12000 out of 200 000 but actually, most of my stats are ranked 1500! Its a really addictive game and great! UGLUK1000
    I was on kingsofchaos too but I dont like it with the ages and all so I stopped when the new age began. Are you ugluk1000 on it?

    -Ranger of the North
    I dont know why isnt letting new free accounts but when it does again I will put pictures up ASAP cause I just found my digital camera.

    -Ranger of the North
    RangerOfTheNorth? Could I Battle you on VOTR? I want to test my new Isenguard army on you! What time do you go on?

    -Captain Of Gondor
    I go on around 4:30-5:00 pm by me witch id dst-4hrs.

    -Ranger of the North
    Thanx for putting me on your friends list!!

    Thanx also for putting me on your friends list!

    Of course!

    -Ranger of the North
    U like Redwall? Do you go on the Redwall SBG? -Lasta Greyshield

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