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LotR Wiki

Ranger Of The North/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited September 28, 2005)

I will put better pics up soon but this is all I got so, here goes!!!!
  • Orcs+Converted Captain
  • Mumak Base
  • Haradrim
  • Based Haradrim
  • Comments

  • These Models are more recent

    Orcs+Converted Captain

    Mumak Base


    I put alot (3+ hours) of work into these.

    Based Haradrim

    The above, but based...(Sorry, they are blurry)


    Very Nice!

    -Captain Of Gondor

    -Ranger of the North

    -Citadel Guard
    Not to shabby.

    Neix J
    they are some mighty fine orcs

    -Baruk Khazad
    How about some more work on the Mumak base?

    Neix J
    I just did more of it and finished up my first orcs so I will get them up soon

    -Ranger of the North
    Great figures! Are you planning do do any conversions to your mumak?

    The Terrain Dude
    Probably just getting tusk weapons, basically the conversions seen on White Dwarf and Black Gobbo. I am just a little scared to paint my mumak because I don't prime my models well and I don't want to looose any details on it.

    -Ranger of the North
    The orcs are looking great! I love the converted captain.

    -Captain Of Gondor

    -Ranger of the North
    I hate it when the pics are so big, you can see all of my mistakes.

    -Ranger of the North

    -Citadel Guard
    Well I've made the pic smaller for you. Enjoy!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    RotN?, I didnt prime my Mumak, and it turned out fine, just had to black line some places... you can see it in my mini gallery!

    Neix J
    Great haradrim and orcs, better than mine

    Elrohir Of Rivendel
    Thanks, im honored!

    -Ranger of the North

    Totally awesome, Ranger of the North! You must be extremely pleased the way these turned out.

    -Ojno The Red



    If You are worried about converting your mumak then use this guide,,
    it gives you about 6 convertions u could try. there is also a painting guide-, good luck
    Samwise the-Great

    I love the haradrim! It really shows the effects of hard work put into miniatures when you get products like that.
    Well done!, easily the best painted haradrim i have seen. I like your other minis aswell. Keep it up!
    Marshall Of The Mark

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    Edited September 28, 2005 (diff)
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