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Retarded Geek

Edit this page (last edited June 14, 2005)

Category Users
Hi. I'm a retarded geek who is over thirty and lives in my mom's house. i live in the basement and play video games all day. i never went to high school or college so i never bothered to get a job. I once got a girlfriend but she slapped my face and then i was all "no more chicks for moi!" I have bad achne and play d&d, lotr, warhammer fantasy and 40k.

My army is mainly last alliance. i've got 2 of those boxed sets, elrond + gilgilad, nine elven spearmen. I have riders, too. 12 regular and theoden on horse (snowmane). I don't know why i have them, but i also have the good models from wethertop, bilbo, farmer maggot and dogs, and a minas tirith soldier i named bill jennings. Bush is a moron, kerry should've won, save the earth, don't waste oil! (Iraq is unjustified, by the way)

Here are all of the articles/whatever that I have written. I know the list isn't very long, but I might as well have it.

./NewHorseRules? ./

Peace Out.
Welcome aboard Retarded Geek

Don't forget to put your name in the User Preferences, so we can see when you make contributions. Look forward to seeing some of your work

-Shnar Gru

P.S. Is you wanna talk about Iraq, start up a page on the Message Board.

Okay take it down a notch. Sadly Bush won fair and square. It was stupid to have run Kerry, Clark was way better. The oil situiation comes down to this, Karibou or people, take your pick. We should totally switch to methan or corn. Hydrogen's a joke.
Oh, I don't mind if you wanna start up a conversation on pro's/con's of oil, I was just thinking keep your personal page related to Lotr. Oh, and don't forget to set your username in the User Preferences page.

-Shnar Gru
I must agree that "hydrogen is the way of the future. it always has been and always will be." BUT, Kerry was way better than any other canidate running, except maybe edwards or clark, and the former was his vp canidate.

Retarded Geek

Yes The FUTURE. Not anytime soon though. We know about as much about practical hydrogen power as we do about cold fusion. Its really not nearly as practical as several other alternative power sources. I'm afraid Kerry had no charisma and no one trusted him. I'd say he was better then Bush but not by much. Clark is the man sorry to say, four star general, Against the war, Wanted to tax the rich, and I think had social security and health care plans.

Wise Wanderer
I'd have to agree with Wise Wanderer with all of that. Nobody really liked Kerry, they all just didn't like Bush. With someone better, maybe democrats should have won. Also, hydrogen won't be the answer anytime soon, although Bush's policies certainly haven't brought any future closer.

-Bour Bon

OK, Wise Wanderer. I changed it so clark is included. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

I don't care. No need to change your opinions to please me. If you don't feel he was a good candidate that is your right. If you researched him and decided you liked him then great. I don't care, its up to you.

Wise Wanderer

Dude were you really vandalizing people's pages. That doesn't seem like you, someone probably stole your profile.

Wise Wanderer

If you vanderlise peoples pages you will get blocked from this site. DONT DO IT!!!!!

- Eomer

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