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LotR Wiki

Rider Of Rohan

Edit this page (last edited June 8, 2005)

Category Users

  • Bit on Me
  • Good Army
  • Bad Army
  • Bit on Me

    hey yall! Well wot do i say on me behalf. i started collecting eva since me mate bought the ROTK boxed set. He kicked me ass so i decided to learn the arts and get even with him. I think now the fact i kow wot to do has made him decline my offers for a rematch. i've bin collectin the BGi ME magazine since it started out here, i've bin attemptin to get me hands on the two towers boxed set but no luck so far so i just got the boxes that made it up. I live in Australia, West Australia to b more precise, n this hobby has actually bin a ray of light in these dark TEE times, specially with the footy season over.

    Good Army

    well i aint bin collecting much outside BGi ME but here are the ones i got
    • Aragorn
    • Legolas
    • Boromir
    • Gandalf the Grey
    • Gimli
    • Frodo
    • Eomer on horseback
    • 12 Riders of Rohan
    • 12 Warriors of Rohan
    • 12 Warriors of the Last Alliance
    • 36 Warriors of Minas Tirith

    Bad Army

    • Saruman
    • Lurtz
    • Ugluk
    • Grishnak
    • Urukhai Captain
    • 24 Moria Goblins
    • 40 Urukhai
    • 36 Mordor Orcs

    Hi & welcme to the site! Ha ha RangerOfTheNorth? I'm to quick for you! Maybe you could put in a bit more about yourself and put up your miniature list. Go to my page by clicking on the link at the bottom of this message. Looking foward to seeing some contrbutions from you! If you need any help ask me!

    -Captain Of Gondor

    Cheers man thanx for the advice. nice page btw. damn man im gonna need some help wen i start doin all this, pretty damn good the way u's all have done this ey. not bad at all

    -Rider of Rohan
    How fast did you get to this Captain Of Gondor?? You really must be to good for me! Eh-hem, Welcome to Lot R Wiki!! Good to see new members! You can add to your page stuff like, how long you have been playing Lot R and how old you are etc... After all, it is your page!! I put "category users" on your page so we can see you in the user page.

    Yes!!! Another Aussie! Your Page is Coming Along Nicely, Well Done!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    Yea man go da aussies. r most the blokes here from new zealand?? cheers man i had to use your page to get to know how to make it all up, thanx for the help man. i gotta ask tho man, how do u do the hyperlink names, i bin tryin for a while n it fails dismally

    -Rider of Rohan
    Yup, me, Lord Aragorn Elessar671 and Eomer are kiwis. To make a hyperlink, type your name like this RiderOfRohan

    -King Of Gondor
    cheers man this is all wikid. kiwis ey? damn i thought there'd b a lot more. meh wot am i complainin bout neways. but neways cheers for all this fellas, nothin like gettin help cos ure so dense. btw i tried that n it came up with some question mark thing thats got me stumped, any ideas?? much appreciated yall

    -Rider of Rohan

    Well, Rider_Of_Rohan, your actual wiki name has underscores, so you have to write it like this: Rider_Of_Rohan

    -King Of Gondor

    cheers fellas i got it all workin, nothin like bein stupid ey. all gd now thanx guys

    -Rider of Rohan
    No probs! It feels good helpin out a new member. Could you please go to my website at and become a member!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    btw any u's wanna talk on msn or wotnot, the emails half the time i aint on but neways its gd to know. and Captain Of Gondor, wots this website its sik man

    -Rider of Rohan
    I've actually changed the site now and it's located at

    -Captain Of Gondor

    Welcome Rider Of Rohan! More Ozzies - yay! I'm from Melbourne.

    - Ojno The Red

    Thanx, yea i reckon, we need more ozzies just for numbers ey. Im from Perth, just like me to be 3 hrs behind everyone else, but meh.

    -Rider of Rohan
    Uh, hey peoples, I'm an Aussie too, I'm stuck in Brisbane yet I say that u should try the Games Workshop Hobby Service Centre, You can get the Two Towers Box Mail-Ordered,

    Heres Their Phone Number: (02) 9829 6111

    Their Address: PO Box 576, Ingleburn NSW 1890

    Bab Y123

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