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LotR Wiki


Edit this page (last edited August 6, 2004)

Yeah, Okay. I'm like, Pretty much obsessed with Lot R and these Minatures are ownage.. *Prepares to have rocks hurled at him while being called a Nerd*

I was introduced to the original Warhammer a few years back and have enjoyed it, but pretty much gave up on it. But these have rekindeled that. I so far have many models in conjunction with the two forces I collect and they are close to the hundred mark. I've decided to collect Rohan as my Good side and Isenguard as my bad side.

I'm pretty much into the fantasy scene completely, I've dropped out of school and am currently employed as a juicer at a "Juice Station", though I don't plan being there long. In addition to that I hope to, one day, be a novel author. I have already started writing in my first fantasy novel known as "The Age of Men", it has been labeled "A lot like Lord of the Rings" by my friends, though also "Without being a complete rip-off", and I do admit it was inspired by Lot R. I first started writing it when I was fourteen and had hired out Fot R for the.. fifth time or something. Anyway, I have got good feedback from it.
Welcome aboard Roc

I was never a big miniature gamer myself, preferring boardgames and RPGs over measure'n move games. Space Hulk and BloodBowl? were the only two Games Workshop games I ever bought. Lot R though got me into the hobby and I really like it, not only cause it's Lot R (which I love, read the novels every year, sometimes in French even) but because it's not an all-out-open-war but rather story-driven-scenarios. I prefer the scenarios over war-battles a lot, gives purpose to the games. It's kind of like Death Match vs. CTF in first-person-shooters.

Anyways, welcome. Feel free to contribute whereever attracts you. And don't forget to set your user name in the User Preferences page.

-Shnar Gru
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Edited August 6, 2004 (diff)
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