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LotR Wiki

Sam P

Edit this page (last edited December 24, 2004)

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  • ME!

    Hey im Sam. I live in Hamilton, New Zealand. I really enjoy painting and collecting lotr minis. I have been collecting them since the first issue of bgime came out. I am the cousin of Eomer and he is the person who told me about this site. I will be posting more soon but now I have to go.

    Wiki Friends

    Eomer- Is my cousin and is very cool!

    Message Board

    Welcome to the site Sam P! If you need any help feel free to ask any of the members.
    Look forward to seing some contributions from ya. btw, im a kiwi too

    -King Of Gondor

    Hey Sam. I have put the basics on your page for you. If you want too edit a page double-click it and it will come up with Editing and then the page you are on. If you have anymore help just ask me or one of the other members on this site.

    - Eomer
    Hey! Welcome to Lot R Wiki! (Beat ya to it Co G! Hahahahha!! I feel so special! ...seriously... ) How long have you been collecting Sam? I can't wait to see some pics of your models!

    -Ranger of the North

    Yay another fellow kiwi!!! Welcome to the site, we're starting to catch up with the aussies in numbers so thats good! Hope you can put some pics of your minis up soon

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    Yeah we sure are LAE

    -King Of Gondor

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