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LotR Wiki

Samwise The-Great

Edit this page (last edited June 15, 2005)

Category Users Beserker

AKA, Axeman Of Khazad on TLA

All About Me

Hi Everyone,I'm 13 years old and I'm from Leeds, in England. I started collecting warhammer 40000 in 2000 but i started lotr when the first BGi MEcame out.i'm quite a good painter now (in my opinion). My hobbies are: football, rugby, cricket and, of course lotr. I have been a fan of lord of the rings since i was 10 (when i read the fotr).
Check out my painting guide for aragorn. Mine looks really good(again, my own opinion). I'm sorry it doesn't have any pics
boohoo, i don't have any friends on wiki yet (wipes tear from eye).

I am doing something really weird at the moment - i am making a standard bearer using isulgur, defacing his royal armour and addig more cloth. i think i will give him a womt head or faramir's


  • ./TerrainGallery?

Hey, welcome to the site (beat you all again again). I'd like to see some of your miniatures, you should make a miniature gallery

-Baruk Khazad

-Captain Of Gondor
Hullo. BK, stop Bragging.

Neix J

-Baruk Khazad
Welcome aboard Samwise. The way that the user pages are organized, you make this page a general info page about yourself, and then create child pages for your different "galleries", such as Terrain and Miniature, etc. I've added links up above to do so, so if you want to list your miniatures and have pictures, create those pages there.

Also, a small note on your name. Read the Wiki Name topic for details on how wiki automatically links multi-capitialized words. You can keep it the way it is now if you like, but a better "wiki" name would be something like SamwiseTheGreat, without any underscores or dashes. This way, wiki will interpret that as "Samwise The Great" with a link, etc. It's up to you, not a requirement at all.

Again welcome, and I look forward to some photos

-Shnar Gru

Neix J
How do you get rid of galleries, as i don't think i should have 1 as i dont think my dad wil let me use his digital camera and i dont want to waste space on the website samwise-the_great

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Edited June 15, 2005 (diff)
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