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LotR Wiki


Edit this page (last edited July 24, 2004)

I am 11 and have a space marine an LOTR army My Space Marine army is from WarHammer? 40,000 I learnt how to play Warhammer 40,000 from my friend and BGIME by the magazine. Saurons Call is a Article I am creating(Well trying!)

WARHAMMER 40,000 (.au)


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 white hand
 Chief of the Barad-dur

Please add comments here.


welcome to lotr wiki oh well i beat you all and dont worry if shnar gru doesnt comment on you ive ben up for a few months and have an article and havent ben noticed

Mace is right, no one cares about him

Neix J
yeah someone else should run this site someone with more time -MACE
Whats to run? The site pretty much runs itself, and to some extent we can all be mods.

-The Precious
Im just saying that no one cares about Mace. Im not saying that shnar gru is some sadistic site owner that everybody hates and never comes on (im only thinking it, cause otherwise he'll ban me... Oh crud! Did he see that?)

Neix J
Um, thanks for the welcome!

- Saruman
Hey Saruman,What type of LOTR miniatures do you collect?(Good or Evil,Uruk-Hai or Minas Tirith) Citadel Guard
Well I collect a mixture of good and evil, but my favorite type of soldier would have to be Uruk-ai. -Saruman

With the name of Saruman, did you really need to ask?

The Dark Lord
He asked, I answered....


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Edited July 24, 2004 (diff)
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