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Hi All

Man it has been ages since i've been on here.

Anyway that dosen't mean my army hasn't improved. Only recently i have purchased an amazing Khandish Chariot with King and all!!. I have also purchased some Khandish Calvalry which i plan to convert to Merchaneries. So now my Harad/Khand? army is in full swing. I can't wait to batlle at the Games Workshop.

This is my Harad/Khand? army = 500points

1 Harad King ( spear and bow )

24 Harad Warriors ( spears )

10 Harad Warriors ( bows and spears )

1 Khandish King ( bow and chariot!! )

5 Khandish Mercenary Horsemen ( 3 with axe, 2 with bow )

8 Khandish Warriors ( axe )

./miniature gallery

./terrain gallery

Please feel free to leave comments on my army or even advice!!!

thank you
Haven't done any gaming with the Easterlings, so can't really give many pointers. I rarely do points-match battles (I usually do the scenarios), but when I do, I tend to use armored woodelves.

-Shnar Gru

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Edited August 10, 2006 (diff)
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