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LotR Wiki

Shield Maiden

Edit this page (last edited December 30, 2004)

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Hey Everybody! I've been collecting LOTR for a few years now, I'm not exactly partial to any particular army, but I love collecting and painting the creatures. I'd say I have a pretty well rounded collection, but for some reason I've never gotten around to buying Uruk - hai or Wood Elves, but I hope to amend that soon.

Gondorian Army

 - Aragorn, King of Gondor
 - Faramir Mounted
 - 24 men of Gondor, 3rd age
 - 6 Citadel Guard
 - 3 Guards of the Fountain Court
 - 5 Knights of Minas Tirith
 - Gondorian Captain and Standard Bearer
 - Pippin, Hero of the West

Rohirrim Army

 - Theoden, Warg Attack
 - Theoden, Pelennor Fields
 - 12 Riders of Rohan
 - 12 Men of Rohan
 - Eomer Mounted
 - Eowyn mounted
 - Merry, Hero of the West


 - Balrog
 - Cave Troll
 - 34 Moria Goblins

Last Alliance

 - 24 High Elves
 - 3 High Elf Spearmen
 - 16 Men of Gondor


 - Saruman
 - 7 Wargs
 - Sharku


 - 24 Mordor Orcs
 - Mordor Orc Command
 - Ringwraith on Fell Beast
 - Mordor Troll
 - 4 Wringwraith on foot
 - Witchking
 - Wringwraith Mounted
 - Shelob
 - 6 Easterlings
 - Easterling Command
 - Mumak with Crew


 - Arwen Mounted
 - Legolas and Gimli Mounted
 - Aragorn mounted, Warg Attack
 - Aragorn, Attack on Weathertop
 - Gandalf the White on Shadowfax
 - Gandalf the Grey, Orthanc and Moria
 - Gwaihir
 - Frodo x 4
 - Sam x 3
 - Merry
 - Pippin
 - Gollum



   Miniatures/Painting/Painting Horses

Welcome aboard Shield Maiden! Love your work thus far, hope to see more contributions

-Shnar Gru
Welcome to the site Shield Maiden (HA Ha I Beat Ya to It RangerOfTheNorth?!). My names Captain Of Gondor but my freinds call me Capn. Do you have msn? And are you male or female? I'm looking foward to your contributions to the site!

-Captain Of Gondor
I will beat you next Co G!! Welcome to Lot R Wiki! I cant wait to see your models Ko G found a site to get pics here . If you have any questions just ask. Are you on votR?

-Ranger of the North

Are you male of female? How old are you? I like your horses very much!
Lasta Greyshield
MALE oxxx(::::::::::::::>

Which models have you painted?

-Ranger of the North

The Terrain Dude
What can I say that these guys havent said already? As you can see were all a clap-trap cabalcade of Tiger Hunters and Bank Robbers.

Neix J
If you are a girl could you kinda meet 'Arwen' on this site? She wants help.
Lasta Greyshield
With what, Lasta Greyshield??????!! Arwen

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