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LotR Wiki

Shnar Gru/Ashley Danielle Nielsen

Edit this page (last edited November 4, 2004)

Pictured here are my children, Morgan Kylee Nielsen age 7, Jershon Luc Nielsen age 6, and Ashley Danielle Nielsen age 0. Jershon can be seen in our Publications/Battle Games In Middle Earth/Issue1/Shnar Grus Battle Report, and I'm getting Morgan to paint some of the goblins. She loves painting.

Ashley Danielle Nielsen was born on March 30th 2004, 5:58pm MST at the Orem Regional Medical Center in Orem, UT. She weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces and was 19 inches tall. A small baby to be sure (the smallest of our three), but you know I'm going to get her to play Lot R with me

-Shnar Gru



Well done, and congrats!

thats great, my most heartfelt conratulations

Lo Rd Gl Or Fi Nd El
  Let this new life inspire you to create more conversions! 

Ha! That's funny. I'll convert Arwen on Horse to be my wife riding w/Ashely?

Actually, this new life will not give me the time to do conversions for a few months...

-Shnar Gru
A few more pictures of my baby girl:

Halloween 2004

Some more shots of my family during this past Halloween:

Aww, tis cute *sniff*

Neix J

Now that's one hell of a project! It'll take you a while to complete though , (bout 18 years!)

I secretly can't wait til I get a toddler, want to see it walking around, bumping into things and falling over, so cute!

She's sssoooooooooooooo cute!

-Citadel Guard
Awwwww so sweet!! Are your kids interested in Lot R gaming and this site? That would be so cool if they were on it!! lol

Well, Morgan, the oldest girl (7 now), is becoming quite the artist. Like all kids, she just likes spending time with her father, but it's the painting side of Lot R that she likes the most. She's painted a couple of Goblins, following the very simplistic guide in BGi ME issue #1. She's also painted a Ro R that was dipped, and turned out pretty good.

Jershon, on the other hand, loves playing the game. He's the 6 year old boy in the pictures, and I've posted a Battle Report with him (Publications/Battle Games In Middle Earth/Issue1/Shnar Grus Battle Report) and trying to complete another one this week. He likes all the games we play, but his favorite models right now are Warg Riders. We've played the two scenarios in TTT with Wargs, but I think he just wants to do a pts match with them...

-Shnar Gru
Sounds cute
And those halloween pics are cool!

-King Of Gondor

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Edited November 4, 2004 (diff)
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