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Shnar Gru/How Can Fire Undo Stone

Edit this page (last edited June 11, 2005)

This project details a conversion I am doing on Grima Wormtongue and Saruman.

  • Introduction
  • Converting Grima
  • Cutting The Arm
  • GreenStuff
  • Converting Saruman
  • Creating The Platform
  • The Bases
  • Painting Grima
  • Painting Saruman
  • Conclusion
  • Introduction

    I'm entering a local painting contest and thought since no one ever does Grima, maybe I should do it. And rather than just a boring miniature, let's put him in a "scene". I don't want to a diarama though, I want these miniatures to be usable in a game (I *don't* want to buy another Grima ).

    Here is a shot from the movie that I am attempting to replicate with my diarama.

    So, with that in mind, these miniatures will be placed "inside" a base/platform. Their bases will match the platform around them, so it appears that they are in a diarama, though the minis will still be playable, they just won't have the typical sand/grass/bush bases.

    Here's what I'm working with at the beginning. Sorry for the poor image, but since I'd already starting converting Grima before I'd seen how crappy this image was, I can't really retake it without buying another mini.

    Converting Grima

    Grima is for the most part looking the way he needs to. The only problem is his right hand. It should be holding a Candle as well as that rag, and stretching away from his face (rather than dabbing his chin).

    Cutting The Arm

    Cut the arm with the hobby saw in a very precise manner, following these images here.

    Cut right underneath the arm at pretty much a straight angle.

    With some patience, you'll need to dig into the chin and fact, trimming off any part of the "napkin" Grima was holding to make it look like a nose. There's plenty left over after sawing it off where you won't need to apply any Green Stuff. Also, Grima's right chest will be very smooth at this point. With the hobby knife, dig small holes into the surface to match the left shoulder. You can probably use the drill too (though I didn't need to).

    With the arm off, put the Candle in. I made the candle from a thick wire, with some smaller wire superglued on. I'll touch it up with Green Stuff in a bit.

    At this point, the arm is a little thin. Will thicken it up with Green Stuff later, but right now we need to attach it back to Grima's body. We need some extra strength, so let's pin it to the body. Drill a small hole into the body of Grima with your drill and superglue in a small piece of wire. Drill a hole in the arm to insert the pin into. Superglue the arm together in an outward position as shown. Don't worry about covering the pin, or if the arm actually reaches the body. In fact, it look better if there's a small gap as the arm should extend a little longer than what's there. We'll fill in the gap with Green Stuff later.


    After the arm is dry, roll a small ball of Green Stuff together and stuff it into the gap. Use your hobby knife to press the Green Stuff into and all around the arm. Then form the half of the arm that was shaved off from the cut, as shown here. Remember to keep your knife damp as that will make molding the Green Stuff easier.

    Converting Saruman

    Saruman is a little bit trickier. I would much rather have used the Fot R Saruman, where he's holding the Palantir in an outstreched hand, but as it is I couldn't find that model. So instead, I'm using the TTT model. The plan will be to trim down the staff in his right hand, trim off his left hand, readd the left hand holding a vial in a pouring motion with Green Stuff. Let's see if I can do this.

    Creating The Platform

    The Bases

    Painting Grima

    Painting Saruman


    Are you ever going to finish this?

    -Captain Of Gondor
    Even if he does, hell be too late for that painting comp.

    Neix J
    hells a naughty word
    Oh, shut up. I believe you can find FOTR models, like Sauraman, by going to hobby stores and special ordering them from GW via the store. I use "The Whiz" to do this all the time (Not old models, but models in general).

    Retarded Geek
    Yeah, way past the painting competition. As usual, I bit off more than I could chew

    I haven't gotten much farther on this yet. I've been too busy getting my software companies going (Sys Onyx and WasatchDev?) as well as finishing my basement. RL loves to inturrupt my gaming experiences...

    -Shnar Gru

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    Edited June 11, 2005 (diff)
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