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LotR Wiki

Shnar Gru/Terrain Gallery

Edit this page (last edited July 12, 2006)

These are a few terrain pieces I've created in my time.

  • Lorien Flet
  • Comments
  • Lorien Flet

    This is the beginnings of a Flet I'm working on. Flets are the small "houses" that Lorien elves lived in. They're basically flat stretches of wood upway a tree. Calas Galadon is a huge flet (the place where we first see Galadriel and Celeborn). If you have the Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition, you can see a short shot of a flet right after the fellowship gets captured by Haldir.

    I intend to build a couple more flets, probably two more smaller or one-platform flet (the pictured one is a two-platform flet), and then maybe one more large one. These are useful for Lorien-based battles, and also for the one scenario in Fellowship of the Ring where the Fellowship is escaping from the Moria Goblins across the Silverlode into Lorien, and Haldir randomly appears in the trees. In this case, they'll appear in the flets.

    I may also need to create some custom rules for elves on flets, though not sure what they'll be. Maybe no climb rolls to jump down, kinda like Moria Goblins...

    Oh, and that miniature on the flet is a Lorien Elf that I tried staining with black stain. It appears that using black works great for orcs, not so well for elves...


    Feel free to add any comments you wish here

    The Lorien Fleet looks great! The only problem I can see is the tree size,since an Elf canīt climb that in a turn you could put some branches here and there.( you seem to have one but I donīt know if an Elf,climbing at half distance could reach it especially when climbing the right tree.)
    -Mighty Mushroom

    That has to do with special, custom rules that I was going to invent for flets. In the books, elves could climb trees just as easy as walking on ground, so I think I'm going to make it similar to Goblins for climbing trees. Though the half-distance rule is true. Maybe something like an elf can spend a full-move to move from Flet-to-Ground and visa versa. I was also going to create some "rope" ladders for other characters to use in climbing.

    I was creating these flets for that Escape To Lorien scenario in Fot R, where Haldir and his elves randomly appear once the Fellowship gets so far across the map. So, currently they're more for flavor scenery than actual usage. After I create this first one, I'll do a couple more, probably smaller ones, and document the whole process visually to create an article for them.

    -Shnar Gru

    Then these Fleets are even better than what i tought, i look forward to an article

    -Mighty Mushroom

    I'm still looking to do an article, however it won't be anytime soon. Doing my taxes this week (ugh), my wife is pregnant due in April, trying to finish another room in the basement before baby is born, and beyond that I need to actually complete the flet before I can write an article! So, I want to write the article, but it probably won't happen until summer

    -Shnar Gru

    Just a question but does everyone love lorien elves? HEHE it seems everyone collects them here.

    -Lord Of Lorien
    I have only a few blisters lorien elves, most of which I have converted into Mirkwood Elves (via my guides). I primarily collect Angmar (Barrow Wights, orcs, wargs, goblins and the such) but I am about to add another 12 riders, some more foot rohirrim, and some mounted heroes to finish out my Rohan as well.

    -Elrond The Avenger
    Very good- looks like the ones in the film. I'd like to see it painted, it would really look cool. You should try some other terrain pieces too.

    -Twitch Of Gondor
    All you need now is swirling mist and fairy lights, the mist could be a bit of a challenge though.


    I know the problem with your elf your didn't give it a thick enough coat of paint. And I think you used Enamil based paint I pitty the Fool who used Enamil paint paint. serioulsy if your using Enamil switch to water based paint.
    No, I use normal acrylic/water-based paints for all my miniatures. The elf looks bad because I was experimenting with the "Dipping" technique and dipped the model in black woodstain. Worked amazingly well with my darker colored Uruks (features in my Custom Boxes article), I wanted to see how it would do with a lighter colored elves. Didn't turn out so well. I may try again with a brown woodstain, instead of black.

    -Shnar Gru

    No I think that will just make it a lighter shiny color. I'd recomend you just use a black undercoat.

    Wise Wanderer
    The color of the undercoat doesn't matter, since I don't let any of the undercoat show through on my models. I paint every square inch of my models, not letting any part show through. When you do that technique, white undercoat is better than black since it won't dull any of your lighter colors. Black undercoating is usually only good if you intend to let some show through as a shader.

    But in the model's case shown here, the undercoat has nothing to do with how the model looks. It looks like crap because of the Dipping technique I tried to do. Dipping worked great for my Uruks but not for my elf. I don't normally dip, normally I painstakingly paint the whole model, but for armies, dipping is perfect and the model shown here was my elf experiment. Didn't work so need to try something else. Look at my models in Shnar Gru/Miniature Gallery for the successfully dipped ones. The uruks and even the Warg Rider at Shnar Gru/Miniature Gallery

    -Shnar Gru

    Well I always find that black undercoat comes out well because it gives a natural shade. If there's a part thats to hard to reach to paint the black undercoat will look natural their since in general a part you can't paint would be heavily shadowed. I can't imagin getting a similar affect with white. I've done a Gandalf the White with a black undercoat so I don't think I'll have any problems with it dulling lighter colors.

    Wise Wanderer
    Yeah, that's usually the argument for black as undercoat, it acts as an implicit shader. I've found though that I prefer white for a couple reasons:

    Forces me to paint everything. Since it's a lot more obvious if I've forgotten something, white stands out and makes me make sure I've painted everything. As you noted, probably no one is going to notice that I missed a spot, no one except me, and with black undercoats oftimes I've thought I was done a sealed the model, only to grimace when I notice a black spot later. Also, since my painting style already paints everything (I do a base coat and a wash and then a highlight), this is no problem.

    White works better for lighter colors. Haven't you noticed in a lot of painting guides who start with a black model anywhere that has a light color, like faces or hair, they usually put a coat of white on first? It's a lot easier to paint lighter colors on white than black, otherwise you end up putting a couple coats on to make the color shine through. Like Yellow, I always have to put on at least 3 coats to make it look like yellow if there's a black base.

    I also feel that white makes all the colors more vibrant. Kinda like how a lot of people base metal with copper before putting silver on. You never see the copper paint, but it makes the silver look better.

    Lastly, I feel that black basing is a great way for beginners to start, as it does cover some earlier mistakes. My kids (6 and 7 now) are painting with black coats and it's simpler for them than white. However, I feel there's a time when one "graduates" to white, seeing when white is a good base to begin with. But all in all, it's just a tool to get a job done. Whatever works best for you is what you should choose. The model in the picture doesn't suck due to the base coat, it sucks because of the dipping process I used...

    -Shnar Gru

    To each their own I guess. I still like the way black comes out. I'll try for white some time but I don't expect I'll like it. And about that six or seven thing. I've only been painting for 2 years. Its a little insulting the game isn't even for ages as low as seven.

    Yeah, but that's why this game is a hobby. If you don't want to bother with painting and constructing terrain, then there are other games like Clicks that come prepainted and are pretty easy and fun to play (I personally like the MechWarrior? one), and there's even an Lot R one, though I can't remember what it's called.

    IMHO, part of the joy of the Lord Of The Rings Strategy Battle Game is the hobby part, the painting, building, etc. I mean, I end up doing the hobby more than playing, but that's probably because there aren't many people nearby to play with (which is why I'm trying to develop solo-rules).

    -Shnar Gru


    Yeah thats more or less how I wound up. I actually just started a white undercoat experiment. I guess the difference depends on what you want out of your moddle. You mentioned you liked the vibrant colors. I don't I like grim drab colors. Also I'm all about realism. Thats why I don't like the paint jobs in the White Dwarf books and websites. They sacrifice realism for detail. The end result is goofy cartoonesc moddles that don't have any texture. I like black because Its natural, and it encourages multiple coats which get a very realistic effect.

    Wise Wanderer

    How do you do that?!!!

    When is this going to be finished?

    -Citadel Guard
    Yeah im also looking at making solo rules so i can play alone because of lack of other peoples interest in the game....

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