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I'm from Queensland Australia, am about 30 and have just restarted painting figures, mainly for my D&D campaigns and war hammer, i'm slowly improving and see LOTR figures as a good way of increasing my figure collection whilst learning the finer art of painting and modelling.

I run an IT department for a large Qld Company for my day job.

My other interests include working on my home and BJJ.

Welcome aboard

Feel free to contribute where you like, and start new pages as well. Funny how a lot of us are in the IT industry

-Shnar Gru

You beat me by a short 1/2 head, Shnar Gru. I was about to say the exact same thing, obviously I'm not there yet but should have my IT degree by the end of this month. (IT and wargaming, no doubt sci-fi films too, does this mean we are officaly geeks? haha).

Spartan, thanks for the comments on my page. There now seems to be a few of us from Oz on this site, I'm also surprised to se how may of us are around the age of 30. I don't feel so bad now.

-The Precious

It seems to me there's basically two age groups here: (a) Teenagers; and 30+ years old. My current theory as to why 20-something year olds aren't largely present is that they're all too busy partying on. BTW, I'm not in the IT industry (I'm a public servant), but I've done several IT projects at work. Yes, we are all officially geeks! I get really strange looks from my workmates about Lo TR. But I have decided to own my geekness!

-Ojno The Red
20 yr olds all have better things to do with their money, I just hope that I will keep my intrest in the game for that long...

Welcome to the site Spartan, I am not sure if you have been here for a while already so in order to not embarass myself more, I'll leave it at that.

-Ranger of the North - 4:40 PM Sunday Jan 16, 05 - There, it wasn't that hard

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