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Woah! Big box to fill here! I always get stuck on these things. How do you write things about youself on the spur of the moment; and more to the point how do say things without sounding self centred?

Like when people ask you, are you good at painting, or sculpting? And you are actually quite good, how do you say yes without sounding like an arrogant twat?

I'll think of something intellegent to put in here sometime soon


Welcome aboard Strider

If you want some "filler" stuff for your userpage, check out the New User Template. It's got some general stuff most of the users put on their pages (like sublinks to gallaries, etc.). And feel free to contribute anywhere you'd like. And if you feel the need to "tinker" to learn how Wiki works, do anything you'd like to the Sand Box.

-Shnar Gru
Welcome 2 the site Strider hope u have a good time

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