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LotR Wiki

The Converter

Edit this page (last edited October 20, 2006)

Hi I am The Converter. I collect all sorts of models and am really good at conversions. Just check out one of my articles below. I also own a website: please visit it some time
Whos been editing my page. AnimalWizard? isnt my bro. And stop blaming me for this deprecitaion thing.
Change it back then.

The Terrain Dude
@ Converter: You changed what I wrote on this page before so why would anyone believe what you are writing at all.

I would just like to say that I , The Converter , am AnimalWizard? s older brother and AnimalWizard? found out that was on this site and decided to take alook. Then he found out how to depreciate peoples pages and started posting it all over. Then he tried to blame me. I myself have not actually done anything wrong. The good news is that AnimalWizard? has been banned from the internet by my parents so there will be no more depreciation.

-The Converter
I've got a sneaking suspicion that YOU are Ferrets Rule! As it says your name next to the homepage of Ferrets Rule in Recent Changes and it also says your name next to the News page in where Ferrets Rule says to join his site or he will Hack Into OUR computers! I've been waiting for this oppurtunity! I had a suspicion about you on the very day you joined! Then came AnimalWizard?! Your so called "BROTHER"! He started vandalizing our pages until we had to almost block his Ip address! But then you realised! "Oh no! If Shnar Gru blocks AnimalWizard?'s IP address then I'll be blocked out of the site!" You were worried, so you decided to make up a lie! "My mum has stopped AnimalWizard? from going on the Internet so he wont be vandalizing any more pages!" You were lying through your teeth that whole time! And now this! Ferrets Rule has suddenly joined wiki to threaten us to join his site or he will hack into our computers! I know why you did this! Eer since I had made up my own site you decided to make up your own! But nobody would join? So you decided to make another site but this time in a different name! To make sure people joined your site you threatned to Hack onto our computers! *turns around to face all wiki members* I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! A day may come when TheConveter? goes to far! When he hacks into Lot R Wiki and destroys everything we have made as a community! But it is not this day! THIS DAY WE BLOK HIS IP ADDRESS!!! By all means that you hold dear to this good site, I BID YOU STAND MEMBERS OF LOTR WIKI!!! And The Converter, if you prove me wrong may my head be placed on a skewer! I am sorry at telling you this but it had to be said! And I am banning you from my site until I am proven wrong! Oh and theConverter don't try changing this message like you do with everyone elses messages because I've saved it onto a word document and if you change it I will simply just change it back!

-Detective, Captain Of Gondor!
@ Converter: You changed what I wrote on this page before so why would anyone believe you at all. I wrote "Why do you keep putting 'Captain of Gondor Converter - For all converting needs come to me' everywhere". Then you changed it to "Good conversions, they really add character to your army". I don't think this site needs you here if that is how you get out of things!

-Detective, RangerOfTheNorth?
Thats it Im out of here. If you dont belive me that my brother is FerretsRule? and is useing the same computer and is so thick that he didnt change the User Preferences then I dont care. I Quit! No One Likes Me! This Happens Every where I Go! People Always Insult Me! And Then They Ban Me From There Sites! I Hate You All Until You Apoligise! I will Check Once A Day And I Am Taking My Article With Me!

w00t! You can take your filthy articles anyway, I didn't even read one word!

-Captain Of Gondor
As much as I feel bad for you that you say that everyone does this to you I'm sorry, but I don't believe you. I thought your bro was banned from internet? And still, you have NEVER answered any of my question about why you change whatever I write!

You Tell Him!

-Captain Of Gondor

Theres no point in complaining. i've been banned from this site.
Greetings again my old wiki pals. It apears we got off on the wrong foot and I would like to clear a few things up.

1) AnimalWizard? and FerretsRule? are infact the same person. 2) That person is my younger brother. 3) My brother now has his own computer and if he vandelises anything you can block him instead. 4) He cannot use this computer as he dosent know the password. 5) I did make a website but didnt care that no-one used it. 6) My bro dosent no how to hack.

I hope this clears things up -TheConverer?

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Edited October 20, 2006 (diff)
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