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LotR Wiki

The Last Alliance

Edit this page (last edited December 17, 2004)

Affectionately know as TLA, it's (Was, actually, they're back) currently down being moved to a new webserver. But when it's up, it was the best online community for Lot R. In fact, that's how this website came to being. When TLA was having bandwidth problems, I recommended them looking at Wiki. And when they finally went down, I missed it so much I threw this one up to see if it could fill my TLA void. And it does.

But when TLA's up, go there for a massive list of users and galleries (5000+ before they went down).

-Shnar Gru
NEWS The Last Alliance is up again!

-Mighty Mushroom

And now it's gone again (12/04/04)

Yeah, it's been down for a couple WEEKS now. And this time, it's not just excessive bandwidth. The site looks like it's been shutdown by the ISP! That's bad news...

Osbad, any idea on when it might be back?

-Shnar Gru

It's back again now!!

- Bumbleroot
Yeah, it's up (finally). This last downtime was a bit worrisome. Glad it's back up and hope it stays up.

-Shnar Gru
Stability is restored at last it seems! The ISP is a bit of a pain at times, but things have been going well for the last couple of months (and we have even been able to accept articles again! Yippee!!) and, fingers crossed, normal service is resumed.

Generally speaking it is the volume of traffic causing problems (or at least managing that volume of traffic within the financial constraints of Mithaearon's pocket!) Sometimes something can be too popular it seems!

-Os Bad

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Edited December 17, 2004 (diff)
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