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LotR Wiki

The Person Everybody Hates

Edit this page (last edited February 4, 2005)

Hello I was just messing around and saw that everyone was insulting these people. Is there anyway to delete pages.

-Loth Lorien Wood Elf

ok, just 2 questions. how did you know that the Converter had used the usernames of FerretRules? and AnimalWizard? before? and you said that you know nothing about wiki in your userpage but you made a page here with a fancy title and everything. doesnt make sense does it?

-Baruk Khazad
A freind told me about it and did it for a joke on my computer. I no how to makepages and figured out how to do comments but pictures and other things I dont no about.

cool, that friend must be a member. who was it?

-Baruk Khazad
He Lies!!!

-Captain Of Gondor
I think BK was being sarcastic. Right?

-Ranger of the North
Your're not Converter/FerretRules/AnimalWizard? are you?

-Lasta Greyshield

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Edited February 4, 2005 (diff)
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