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The Precious/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited October 5, 2006)

I thought I had better get around to putting a few photos up here. As I said before on "my page" I've been out of the hobby for the best part of fifteen years. I started again with the release of Battle Games in Middle Earth and these are my first models since starting again.

I apologise for the ordinary photos, I need to get myself a good digital camera that does micro work. I am a little disappointed with how the photos turned out, much of the detail has been lost, and they don't do the models justice. ( Naturally that is without blowing my own trumpet, ).

All things considered I'm pretty happy with my first attempts.

-The Precious

Table Of Contents

  • Gandalf
  • Moria Goblin 1
  • Moria Goblin 2
  • Moria Goblin 3
  • Moria Goblin 4
  • Goblin Group
  • Comments

  • Gandalf

    Moria Goblin 1

    I didn't use the guides in BGIME as I found them to be a little to simple, and the colours were not really very close to the actual characters in the movies. I hate the bright red the guide says to use.

    Moria Goblin 2

    I am not a fan of the cartoon style painting in the hobby, I prefer to use real colours and make the models more "life like" or certainly as close to the characters from the movies as I can. I have used a brown ink wash over most of the models to give a "grimed" effect, as most goblins are filthy creatures and I'm sure never wash.

    Moria Goblin 3

    Some people may not like my choice of base colour and style. I felt that the habitat of these Moria goblins was....well I chose to paint the base dark grey (very similar to the natural plastic colour) and base with a "rock like" finish.

    Moria Goblin 4

    This model was very poorly cast, so I used a red-hot pin to make a gash over the goblins left eye and face, this was to make it look like horrible scaring, (and also to disguise the bad cast job).

    Goblin Group

    Here is a group of most of the ones I have finished to date. I take a lot longer to paint my models than most of you...I'm just slow I guess..... I'm amazed when some of you talk about painting a whole army overnight.


    I think you have used the right kind of ideas. I paint a bit, mainly war hammer and reaper miniatures, and have justed started the moria goblins. I was somewhat surprised to see the guide using mithril silver for the armour. I think at worst case you could use chainmail. However, I have used GW Tin Bitz for the goblin armour to give it that dirty steel look that I think characterises poorly made armour and swords and makes any 'heroes' weapons and armour look all the better.

    Good job


    I wish my Moria Goblins looked as good as yours. U can see how bad mine are when you look in my Miniature Gallery

    Neix J

    Spartan, thanks for the comments. As I said I wasn't impressed with the painting guides in BGIME, for the armour I just did a dry brush (very, very, very, dry) of chainmail over the base coat black. However from now on I would do as you suggested and use Tin Bitz, as a matter of fact I just bought some this morning, I would then go one darker than chainmail and use boltgun for the highlight.

    Neix J, I didn't think there was anything wrong with your models, if there was one thing I didn't like it was the bright red used, and this was obviously not your fault, as it appears you have followed the BGIME guide. The rest just comes with practise, and observation, websites like this are a great source of advice and inspiration that can only aid you in producing great models

    As I said I've been out of the hobby for ages (since I was about your age), so when I got into it again I did heaps or research and I looked for good info on painting techniques. This site was brilliant . The other thing to note is that I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and many of these models took 3+ hours to paint, I'll take longer for the hero and important characters .

    -The Precious

    Ordinary photo's? Lost detail? Where, I don't see any? Bah! those photo's are great, some of the best I've seen in a while, made even better by the excellent paintjobs.

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671

    Wow, your goblins are amazing, i particularly like the way that they're all sort of dark but you still picked out all the details - they look way better than the one's in the books!

    - Kaliska
    The Precious, no problem, they say great minds think a like, I've got the bolt gun metal and tin bitz in hand for my moria goblins. I find these hard figure to paint because of the size and then the black primer can make it hard to pick out the detail.

    I've got some dark angels green that I intend using as a wash on the goblins skins, and some goblin green plus a touch of skull white for highlights.

    I use reaper colour as well, so I was going to paint the whites of the eyes hawkwood, and the pupils a dot of walnut.

    Again, I think you've done a cracking job. I hope to put mine up soon! Although I suffer from paint a bit of this and a bit of that!


    Spartan, Is it possible your primer / undercoat is too thick?(not likley). I can't live without my desklamp with built in magnifiying glass, do you do it with the naked eye? Another issue I found made a huge diff. was the use of a very matt undercoat, I found it much easier to see.
    Your models are good enough to be in GW!I wish you had more to show.

    -Citadel Guard
    Thanx The Precious, im gunna be repainting my Goblins when I get the second sprue in ish 20 of BGi ME.

    Neix J
    Your such a good painter!!! Pity that you don't own a digital camera cause I would like to see more of your fantastic miniatures!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    Although painted by me technically I can't say the Gandalf the Grey model is part of my gallery anymore, as I have long since sold it to the King Of Gondor.

    -The Precious
    You sure have The Precious! It's a great mini too! I'll have a pic for you soon.

    -King Of Gondor
    Glad you liked it. Has he performed well for you in battle? ha ha.

    -The Precious
    Haven't played any games since I got him, but he looks great on my BT stand, I can't wait to use him! And today I'll hopefully be going to GW and entering my mahud in the PC

    -King Of Gondor
    Hope you don't mind The Precious, but I've added to pics of Gandalf. (Photos now removed due to broken link)

    -King Of Gondor
    Love the goblins, I like your "realistic" way of painting. If only the photos were a bit crisper... those could be competition winners or something!

    Bour Bon

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