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LotR Wiki

The Precious/Sculpting Gallery

Edit this page (last edited December 1, 2004)

Just some stuff I've done, not all LOTR stuff, but I'd like to show it off anyway.

-The Precious

  • WW2 Pilot
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  • WW2 Pilot

    Although these are not LOTR stuff, this is some sculpting I did for my other love, remote control aircraft. I needed a bust of a WW2 pilot, but was unable to find one that I liked or was in correct scale. This is about 3 inches high and about 3 1/2 inches wide.

    This was done with air dry clay over a foam core.

    It was done by building up from a simple head and body, layering each detail level one at a time.

    It can take a long time. If you take your time and don't rush it is actualy very easy in this scale. I'm looking forward to having a play with the "green stuff" and doing some minatures.


    Amazing! Do you do this sort of thing professionally or have you had a lesson in it? If you could incorporate this skill into LOTR you could work wonders. When you do, please put pictures up and tell me about it on my page, inder "Topics of Conversation"

    UGLUK1000 P.S PLease look at my articles and comment on them please! You can find them from my page.

    UGLUK1000, Hell no. This was my first ever attempt at sculpting anything. I haven't had any lessons other than ceramic classes in art, and that was in year 9 at school (over 14 years ago). As with most things, I do heaps of research before I start anything (I like to do things properly). I started by collecting photos of WW2 Pilots to get an idea of uniform and clothes. Then as I said, I just worked out layer by layer from the base. -The Precious

    Seriously, you should try sculpting models for Lot R. Here comes the next Ebob! - yeah... If that is how good you did with no practice then I wonder how you could've done (with your skills) if you had Ebob's experience. You could make a whole new range!! Drop your aircraft hobby (jk, god forbid! lol) and start a new one - Sculpting (not jk)!!!

    -Ranger of the North
    Funny you should say that when you did. I have just ordered a whole lot of miniatures and a starter set off Ebob. The starter set includes green stuff sculpting tools and some armatures (small dummies to build on). So I'll have a dabble in sculpting this scale some time in the New Year, time prevailing.

    -The Precious
    We wish you a ahppy christmas, a happy christmas, and oh look its NEW YEAR!

    Neix J

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    Edited December 1, 2004 (diff)
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