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LotR Wiki

The Terrain Dude

Edit this page (last edited September 16, 2005)

Under Reconstruction...!!!

lol, If you need to contact me just leave a message below

-The Terrain Dude

Beginnings Below...


Hi all, I am The Terrain Dude, I have been into the Lot R hobby for over a year and a half almost two now! Over this time I have changed a lot! I started off as a major Gondor collector and now although still I use Gondor, am drawn to Harad...

MY favourite parts of this hobby is the painting and construction of Terrain, thats where my name came from :)! I have built loads of Terrain including my Helms Deep and Minas Tirith castles, plus many scenic pieces of terrain. And probabbly my favourite, Amon Sul, Weathertop.

I am a warrior from The Last Alliance (TLA), they have my article Removable Tusk Weapons, which is the article I am most proud of, it is found on TLA and also on this site. If anybody from TLA likes it don't forget to vote
Here are the Links:
Wiki -

Also recently I have expanded my wargaming horizon, until recently, I have just been playing Lot R: now, I have Battle of the Five Armies, after some great recomendations of it from Ko G on MSN, thanx m8 I now have battle for Macragge (40k) and am making a space marine army :). This has also let me make some new friends, including the first girl wargamer I have met and is great fun to be with ;)...

"Armoth to Gondor!" they cried "Armoth to Faramir!"


King Of Gondor: Another collector of Gondor! And his birthday is on the same date as mine!

Neix J: Probbably my first friend!

Nolofinwe Tiwele / Captain Of Gondor: A fellow Gondor enthusiast!

Baruk Khazad: Collector of the dwarfs and great to have conversations with!

Ranger of the North: Great for playing against on Vot R!

Lasta Greyshield: Another Terrain Fan!

Citadel Guard: Great at painting!

Shnar Gru: Without him this site wouldnt be here! All hail Shnar Gru! lol

Osgiliath Army

  • Faramir
  • Damrod
  • Captain of men x2
  • 10 Rangers with Bows
  • 4 rangers with Spears and Bows
  • 12 warriors of Minas Tirith with Swords and Shields
  • 12 warriors of Minas Tirith with Spears and Shields

Depending on my opponents troops or what i think he'll use, i have a few extra figures to swap with ones in the exsisting list:
  • Boromir Catain of the White Tower
  • 10 knights of Minas Tirith

Haradrim Army

  • Hardrim Chieftain
  • Standard Bearer
  • 24 Haradrim Warriors
  • Mumak with tusk weapons
  • 2nd mumak with muhaud chieftain (I swap the upgrades around, so 1 can have both on one and none on the other or just both on 1 depends on size of game)

Hey, umm I can edit this page, maybe get a securer site? try

Err... Yeah that's the point. Its a WIki site.

-Ranger of the North
As RotN? says that's how WIKI works... and if anyone changes a page, I can change it back with a couple of clicks of the mouse...

-The Terrain Dude

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Edited September 16, 2005 (diff)
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