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LotR Wiki

The Terrain Dude/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited November 24, 2005)

Miniature Gallery

This is my brand new Miniature Gallery, it is only small at the moment but I will continually expand it, when i take new pics. Since The Scouring if the Shire has been released I have made a lot of new purchases and here are a few of the ones I've painted, there's a lot more to come!

  • Miniature Gallery
  • Sharkey
  • Worm
  • Sam
  • Pippin
  • Mordor Troll 1
  • Mumak
  • Mumak Commander
  • Haldir
  • Helms Deep Aragorn
  • Mordor Troll 2
  • My Beserkers
  • Bolt Thrower and Crew
  • Troll Chieftain
  • Mouth of Sauron
  • Aragorn, Hero of the West
  • Comments

  • Sharkey

    This is my favourite miniature in the Scouring of the Shire, I feel I have painted it well and soon I will add a picture showing the models cloak and all its detail.


    Sharkey's low accomplish and also his downfall. This and the sharkey models are fantastic, brilliant sculptor who ever it was!


    I have painted all 4 hobbits on ponies but out of the 4 only Sam and Pippin's photos turned out ok, which is good as Sam is the best 1 I have painted and I feel I have done the model justice, well for my painting standards I have.


    Here is the hobbit picture that turned out ok, others coming soon, hope you enjoy.

    Mordor Troll 1

    This troll is reasonably painted in my oppinion, but is mainly here to show you that its converted.


    My almighty mumak!!! Crushing everything in its path, heroes beware!!!

    Mumak Commander

    This is the commander of my mumak, quite well painted as it only took me half an hour along with one of the crew.


    Heres Helms deep Haldir one of my favourite models!

    Helms Deep Aragorn

    Currently my favourite model except my Mumakil.

    Mordor Troll 2

    Here is my second converted troll.

    My Beserkers

    This one has the best hand I did.

    Bolt Thrower and Crew

    Here is my bolt thrower and crew sorry pic is slightly dark.

    Troll Chieftain

    I absoloutely love this model! It is great and there was no need for me to convert the weapon as i had predicted i would have to! Used the same paint style as for my other mordor trolls, this is the key component of my army of the black gate!

    Mouth of Sauron

    Here is my mouth of Sauron mounted, another vital component of my army of the black gate:

    And here my favourite, the mouth of Sauron on foot!

    Aragorn, Hero of the West

    Here is the front and back of my Ho TW Aragorn!

    I love the cloak on this model, I feel it works very well!


    Please add your comments below!

    -The Terrain Dude
    KOOL!!! Can't wait to See More Pics!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    Me neither!!

    -Citadel Guard
    Sweet work TTD. I hate people who paint evil armys with armor coloured so it looks like the color of their skin. I always use mith silver on my evildoers, and then usually give them some sort of wash.

    Neix J
    Coming soon aragorn and my mumak!

    The Terrain Dude
    I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

    -Citadel Guard

    -Captain Of Gondor
    A Mumak? Richie Rich, The Terrain Dude...

    Neix J

    Great paint job there TTD

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    Heres a lot more pictures of my troops, including my Mumak! More coming soon!

    The Terrain Dude
    LUV Your New MUMAK!

    -Captain Of Gondor

    That mumak is amazing!!!!!!! I want one!!!!!!!

    -King Of Gondor
    Oooo, I hope my mumak looks that good... Im painting mine on summer holidays in Adelaide... Can you maybe gimme a rough guide? Please? And, one other question - did you do a black basecoat on the entire model? Mumak and Howdah and all? And just like, how much of what paints ill need... Tanx, when you can. Also... your beserker looks a but bright - what did you use for the flesh? I use Terracotta on mine. Anyway, all your models look great! *thumbs up 2 u*

    Neix J
    Thanks Neix J! Ok i basically used the guide from tBotPF?. But changed it slightly. Use a tank brysh for all drybrushes and big areas and a standard size brush for smaller wooden details and the rope. Cannot remember how many pots of each paint I used but I maximum of 2 chaos black probbly 1 to paint every thing black. Then add chaos black to codex grey. and drybrush this on the skin. continually highlight the skin with drybrushes adding bleached bone to the mix until it is just over standard codex grey. if the colour is too thick apply a watered down black ink wash after painting the skin. Sorry but i can't remember how to paint the floor of the howdah, i will try my hardest to remember. paint the howdah skin many layers of scab red to get a deep red colour and then highlight this with blood red or preferabbly somethin like bronzed flesh with scab red. I have just changed ropes so start with scorched brown, then bestial brown, then snakebite leather and wash with brown ink. Finnally apply a wash of black ink. Paint the base (the hardest part) as usual. you paint riders so you will know how.

    Hope this helps. The Terrain Dude
    Cool article, I cant believe I have never been to this page before! When did you get these pics up?

    -Ranger of the North
    Thanks Ranger of the North It has been here for a couple of months, I really need to add some more pics, but I cant until my dad gets the digital camera from his work hopefully tonight. Ive got to add my mouth of Sauron, Troll Chieftain and more.

    Thanks The Terrain Dude
    Here are some more pics of new models: remember to have a look at my terrain gallery as well because Ive added a new piece!

    The Terrain Dude
    0_o That new troll is great!!!! How long did it take and what painting guide (if any) did you use?

    -Ranger of the North
    Love the new minis! especially the troll chieftan and Mo S on foot

    -King Of Gondor
    Thanks guys!
    Ranger of the North I loosely used this guide on TLA, changing it to make it more personel and different :
    The first thing to go was the yellow loin cloth, i went for a darker coloyur. If you are getting or thinking of getting a mordor troll chieftrain I would really recomend getting one and mordor trolls, they're really quick and fun to paint. They must be my favourite models to paint!

    Hope this helps!
    The Terrain Dude
    Your Troll Cheiftain and Mo S have enspired me to make my own army of the black gate!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    Cool! Thats what I'm currently building, i started a plan on a page somewhere else online but im not sure what troops to include apart from orcs and mordor uruk-hai, do you think a mumak would be a possibility?I think there was haradrim at the black gate bu im not sure about mumakil. The troll chieftain is an amazing model and its quick to paint, (well it was for me) and its great to have the Mo S on horse and on foot in one blister so you can paint the them at the same time.

    The Terrain Dude
    There was no mumakil at the black gate but there was definitely Haradrim. What about some Easterlings or some Warg Riders? What points value are you going for?

    -Captain Of Gondor
    I was thinking prehaps 1000 points maybe. Because then i can have another mordor troll (pity u can onlu hav 2 trolls in total) and wargs and easterlings with loads of captains and some haradrim warriors and loads of mordor uruk-hai, i got 9 but im planning 2 get 2 new blister packs bringing it to 15.

    Any other ideas for it?

    The Terrain Dude
    I would get about 10 wargs with a captain, many many orcs w/ captains, maybe an orc shaman (or two?) to assist the heavy hitting monsters/heros, the thing is, with all these heros you may want more orcs and less mordor uruks. Put up an army list on your page so we can see it better.

    -Ranger of the North
    You've a nice collection, there. Nice job on the mumak! You have a wide variety of units. For you possible army, i would focus on orcs, not mordor uruks or wargs. I agree with the harad and easterlings, though. Don't use too many captains, but maybe have on every twelve inches in a line so their six in radius is in full use.

    Retarded Geek

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