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LotR Wiki

The Terrain Dude

Edit this page (last edited January 1, 2006)

"Armoth to Gondor!" they cried "Armoth to Faramir!"

Hi, i am the terrain dude a major gondor collector with an army full of rangers! My current army is that based on the troops defending Osgiliath before Boromir left for Rivendell!

My favourite part of lOTR though is to make terrain, ive made a helms deep and a very long minas tirith! as well as recently a Weathertop model and The Seeing Seat of Amon Hen. In case anybody interested my The Last Alliance name is The Terrain Dude. What a suprise!!!!!!!!!!

  • "Armoth to Gondor!" they cried "Armoth to Faramir!"
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    31/8/04 - Got Warriors of Harad! Painted half will post pics asap Never had to use liche purple before but the only time i need it... GW ran out!

    25/8/04 - Got myself not one but TWO Mordor Trolls! Converted both! Im going to write an article about it.... as soon as i can!


    Neix J

    King Of Gondor

    Shnar Gru

    Wise Wanderer

    Lord Aragorn Elessar671

    My Osgiliath Army

    • Faramir
    • Damrod
    • Captain of men x2
    • 10 Rangers with Bows
    • 4 rangers with Spears and Bows
    • 12 warriors of Minas Tirith with Swords and Shields
    • 12 warriors of Minas Tirith with Spears and Shields

    Depending on my opponents troops or what i think he'll use, i have a few extra figures to swap with ones in the exsisting list:
    • Boromir Catain of the White Tower
    • 10 knights of Minas Tirith

    Here are my Articles

    Debate Topic


    Gaming/Community Scenarios/Elfhelms Ride

    Gaming/Community Scenarios/Race To Rescue

    Gaming/Community Scenarios/Journey Of The Rangers

    Gaming/Community Scenarios/Journey Ofthe Rangers Part Two


    Terrain/Buildings/Gaming Boards

    Terrain/Buildings/Building ASimple Castle


    Miniatures/Painting/How To Paint Rangers Of Gondor


    Miniatures/Conversions/Ranger Spearmen

    Miniatures/Conversions/Making My Own Fell Beast

    Other Links

    Miniatures/Collecting/Mordor Weapons


    Gaming/Tactics/Aragorn The King The Greatest Warrior Of All Time

    Gaming/Tactics/Making The Most Of Mordor

    Gaming/War Stories/The Old Forest

    Gaming/House Rules/Extra Rohan Warriors


    Welcome aboard Can't wait to see your terrain gallery.

    -Shnar Gru
    I wont be able to post any pictures until i get a digital camera but hopefully i soon will!

    The Terrain Dude
    Hey, The Terrain Dude, can Rangers fire more than one arrow per turn? I hope they can... Otherwise I might get Mrikwod Sentinels for my Archers, ah, decisions decisions...

    Neix J
    Poor TTD... hasnt got very many comments here... Im proud to be on the top of ur friends list though

    Neix J
    Hi! So You Like Rangers Too! They're the Best! I Wanted to Have a Kind of Nature Themed Army With Lots of Rangers, Lothlorien Elves And Maybe Even a Radagast and Treebeard!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    You could also use Rangers of the North - They're usually in green and brown.

    Neix J
    That's What I Meant. In Saying Rangers I Mean Both Kinds

    Captain Of Gondor

    Yeah i haven't got many comments because I had to delete a big previous conversation between us Neix J as part of it had stats and the rest of the convo just didnt make sense. Im gonna buy some rangers of the north but how do you tell them apart seen as they all have Might Will and Fate? Any Ideas? Captain Of Gondor is it alright if i put some pics in BGi ME 6?

    The Terrain Dude

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