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    Hi! I originally started off collecting Warhammer orcs, about 4 years ago, as soon as the battle games on middleearth started appearing on shop shelves, I saw the chance to get models from my favourite film for a very good price.

    From then on, I have being collecting mostly what has come with the magazines. I have also made use of the "no extra charge" backorders, I now have 48 Warriors of Gondor, 12 pieces of moria ruins,(which I have used to create Osgiliath) and 36 mordor orcs for only about £30 maximum!

    I have produced plenty of scenery and as soon as I get my head round this formatting system I'll start publishing my, hills, trees, 3ft - 4ft gaming board and fortress.

    I don't mean to advertise, but, I find that is a great store for finding books, video games, and DVDs for cheap prices. Books like The history of Middle-earth Vol 1,2,3 are way out of my pocket but really could appeal to loaded fans.

    I've just watched a great movie called: Spirited Away, it is the best selling film in Japan ever! I think it's brill

    It is about a young girl, who finds herself in a spirit world, in the film, she tries to escape, making many humerous friends in the way. Don't be put of by it's simplistic sounding storyline, there are many sub plots that mysteriously unfold during the film. Something for children as well as adults.


    28th May: Pictures of my Fortress now in, expect Galleries, of all my other scenery and models soon.
    4th June: Pctures of a hill, dead tree, and Wood elf platform work -in -progress on site.
    6th June: Made cry for help to The_Precious for foilage advise.

    My Articles

    /Conversion Gallery
    /Ambushed In The Dark

    My Fav Members (a heavily sort-after position)

    -The Precious - Had a good chat!

    -Shnar Gru - Helped me out loads at the start

    -Neix J - More on my age band than anyone else

    -King Of Gondor - Commmented on loads of stuff

    Topics Of Coversation

    Give me your thoughts on recent ideas or news

    Peter Jackson directing The Hobbit

    It has been near-enough official said that Peter Jackson will be directing the film version, of The Hobbit. At the moment, Newline cinema has the rights to produce it, but another corporation has the rights to distribute it. Newline cinema won't produce if it can't sell,(it wouldn't make a big enough profit. So, untill it buys/wins the rights to distribute, You won't see anymore furry feet. Peter Jackson is currently directed King Kong anyway, so won't be able to direct for a few years.

    Ian Mckellen who play Gandalf, has expressed his wish to play Gandalf again, in this adventure, though I'm pretty sure that Bilbo won't be the same actor as in LOTR.

    It would be cool to get a glimpse of a younger Frodo it the film wouldn't it?

    What is Ithilien

    When Elendil took leadership of Gondor in the late 2nd Age, he established three large cities that were very important to the south kingdom: Minis Anor, Minas Ithil and Osgiliath. Osgiliath was to be the Kingdom's capital, Minas Anor or the Tower of the Sun was Anarion's tower, on of Elendil's sons (he was slain during the Last Alliance). Minis Ithil, or Tower of the Moon, was Isildur's tower. Minas Anor was located at the base of the White Mountains, Minas Ithil at the base of the Mountains of Ash (Ered Gorgoroth) next to the land of Mordor, and Osgiliath was in between the two across the Anduin river. Originally, only Osgiliath was an actual city, the others were just towers that eventually grew over time.

    Time. Changes many things, including geography. During the middle Third Age Gondor experienced what's known as the Kin Strife. This was a rebellion and it laid waste to the city of Osgiliath. The capital was then moved to Minas Anor, a now flurishing city. While Osgiliath was rebuilt later, it never knew the glory of old. It was also during the destruction that the Palantir of Osgiliath was assumed to have been lost.

    Later, Gondor in general declined, and Mordor started increasing in power again. Evil first attacked the strongholds that were designed to fence the evil in. Cirith Ungol fell to the foul orcs, the Morannon or Teeth of Mordor also came under the control of the evil forces, and at last, the Tower of the Moon fell, Minas Ithil came under control of the Nazgul. It was thence renamed to Minas Morgul. And it was about that time that Minas Anor was renamed to The Tower of Guard, or Minas Tirith.

    Why am I going into that much detail? I dunno. Bored I guess

    The point is that Minas Morgul used to be Minas Ithil, Isildur's tower. And the land that lay between the mountains and the Anduin River (on the east side mind you) was known as Ithilien. It was for the most part a lush forest land. During the Third Age (i.e. movie-time), there were no cities or settlements of any sort on the east side of the river. The only humans that went out there were the Rangers of Gondor and patrols and raids. They scouted the land for evil activity and reported to Ecthelion and Denethor what they found.

    -Shnar Gru


    If you have any comments or questions about myself or Lord of the rings etc, feel free to ask!

    You seem to be getting very good at this very quickly

    also have you got any of your own pics up yet or will you in the close future

    -Baruk Khazad
    Agreed. I told you it wouldn't take long to figure out how to work with Wiki. It's a strange thing to wrap your head around, but not terribly difficult. And once you get it, this site almost becomes addictive -Almost? - UGLUK1000

    Good job Uruk.

    -Shnar Gru

    Of course I'll get pictures up- when I take them! I've posponed my Gatehouse project so that I can take pictures of it. Problem- I've already stuck it together and given it coat of textured paint, but Oh well, better than nothing.

    Keep the comments coming!


    Can't wait for those pics either, ah, do you think you could take ome fotos of battle games in middle earth issues 8,9,10 and 11? Because I'm only up to 7 here in NZ

    King Of Gondor

    Hey, UGLUK, maybe you can help me here. Who is UGLUK? I do not know, I can not remember him from the movies. Can YOU please tell me?

    Neix J

    Firstly, Ugluk is one of the early, cleverer Uruk hai that set out to ambush the fellowship at Amon Hen, when Lurtz is killed, Ugluk takes over, taking the hobbits back to Saruman. It is Ugluk who stays true to his master and defends the hobbits, ordering his Uruks and the mordor orcs that come, to leave merry and pippin unspoilt. In the movie, he cuts of the head of Grishnakh's bodyguard, and shouts, "Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!"

    Secondly, my Dad currently has the household's digital camera, his forgetfulness in bringing it from his factory is annoying!

    I had a feeling that was him. Cause I couldn't think anyone who was called Ugluk, and the name kinda sounded like Uruk, so, that would most likely be it, I thought. Is his model as strong as Lurtz? Cause it looks like I will be getting him and Grishnak soon, so I am looking for their base profiles? lil help?

    Neix J

    p.s Isn't Haku (Not sure on how you spell his name) form Spirited Away cool? And that Big Baby that turns into a mouse?)

    Have you watched it? Its a pretty weird film first time you watch it, and yes Haiku is pretty cool. Ugluk has the same profile as Lurtz aprt from he doesn't have a bow and has less might.

    So hes not too bad then... Wish he had a bow though, I need more Uruk Archers. Maybe ill just buy some crossbows... Shame, I cant seem to recall Lurtz's Profile... Eh, Ill check it later. Thanks for the info. It ia a pretty weird movie yeah, I only go to see the last half of it. That black shadowy thing that eats everything the spews it up and then becomes a friend... I reckon thats what Ring Wraiths probably look like?

    Neix J

    I'm thinking of getting some crossbows as well, my Uruk force is so shallow you can only have one strategy: KILL THEM ALL! Menaing every game I just try and charge as many as posssible into the enemy. I also want to expand my Gondor army, at the mo, I have 48 warriors and 6 six fountain guard I dunno whether to get the new ciditel guard or rangers, or a bolt thrower, or knights? Then theres also the woodelfs that I need to use my tree platform that is here: UGLUK1000/Projects/Wood Elf PLatforms


    Hey UGLUK1000, I have just moved some of our conversations to the message board. Rather than clutter "our" pages I thought it more appropriate. I deleted your responses from my page and moved them here Message Board/Brits and Message Board/Cars, I felt the comments about Uni and Guns didn't need it, and they had run their course anyway. Naturally I didnít alter your page any, however my comments to you (that I had put on your page) have been added to the message board already, so you can delete them now if you wish. I may not get a chance to comment on your further questions for a few days. I have been busy on BGi ME Issue3 review today, and must now get back into some Uni work.

    -The Precious

    Hi I'm Jacob! Your Page Is Really Cool! It's Got Loads of Info. When You Have Some Time Why Not Come Over 2 my Site!


    Hey Ugluk1000 i was woundering are the painting guides getting better. Because if your on issue 35 they must start to get good. I'm on issue 12. Also when you got issue 12 did you have the same problem that 75% of issue 12 is issue 13.

    Hey Ugluk when are ya gonna update the conversion of the week?

    -Citadel Guard
    Hey Ugluk, thanks for the quick note. I have been busy of late. Still doing uni degree, as I managed to fail another subject (still one subject to go to get my diploma) which means at least another six months part time. I have also now started full time work in a huge local hunting and fishing store (retail sales). So I have even less time to do anything these days. I'll try to keep in touch.

    -The Precious

    Hobbit wouldent sell after LOTR.

    Amring, Blessed Cold

    "Don't go were I can't fallow!"

    K, first to the precious, I can almost feel your stress, what do you mean by failed one subject, you only take one degree, do you mean sub-test?

    Citadel Guard, I stopped doing the conversion of the week ages ago because I wasn't comin on often enough to check evryones pages to scour for the best conversions, and I dont think ill be starting soon, are you asking that cos youve got a mint one up your sleeve..

    Whitehand, yes the painting guides get a lot more detailed, im on about number 45 now, they use the officially painted models from the gamesworkshop crew instead of their own, same for most of the scenery, but still its good.

    Captain of Gondor, what site, could I have link please.


    Hiya, thanks for commenting on my page, I haven't been non much recently, hope your enjoying yourself. I have overcome all the exams, but now have an even harder school year ahead! Sigh.

    By the way, Ive been playingon this mint internet game called Kingsofchaos at kings of chaos .com, If you click on the link below, you guys can become my officer and you can get soildiers and robb other armies, over 200 000 people play in total its great, just click on the link below and follow the instructions to become myofficer

    It says im only ranked 12000 out of 200 000 but actually, most of my stats are ranked 1500! Its a really addictive gaem and great!

    Hey UGLUK1000 About That Site. Is It Just a Text Game Or Do You Actually Get to Conbtrol Armies Like In Age of Empires? -Captain Of Gondor
    Im afraid its all text, it isn't possible to use graphic of that sort online, especially with so many people, is it you that is my officer?? If so I reccomend you go on a bit more often, so you dont get robbed.

    What you are thinking is exactly what I thought when I started, thats all I need to say, it kinda grows on ya!


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