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LotR Wiki


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Table of contents

  • Table of contents
  • Me
  • My Wiki Friends
  • My Minitures
  • Good Forces
  • Evil Forces
  • Other Models
  • Next Month
  • Articles
  • Galleries
  • Scenarios
  • Terrain Articles
  • House rules
  • News
  • Message board

  • Me

    Hi Welcome to my page,I live in Christchurch,New Zealand.I Started collecting,painting,modelling (E.T.C E.T.C)In March 2004 when they first got released.I Suscribed to BGIME & i have gotten my 3 3 gifts (get it 3 3 gifts,Free)My Fave model is the Oliaphaunt and my fave character is Gandalf The White.

    My Wiki Friends

    King Of Gondor

    -Ranger of the North

    My Minitures

    Good Forces

    Gimli (fellowship,Eomer (Horse,Frodo(Fellowship,Boromir(Fellowship,Legolas(Fellowship,Gandalf the Grey(Khazad-Dum),4 Warriors of Gondor,8 High Elves,6 Riders of Rohan(2 bow 2 thrw spear 1 sword 1 axe),12 Warriors of Rohan,12 warriors of Minis Tirith

    Evil Forces

    Grishnak,Saruman,Ug'luk,Uruk-hai standard Bearer,2uruk-hai Captains,17 Uruk-hai,24 Moria Goblins and a Great Uruk of Dol Guldur,I seen it in White Dwarf 298 November 2004 issue so decided to paint a normal Uruk-Hai like one.

    Other Models

    I also have started a Warhammer 40K space Marine Army,Chapter IV Ultramarines

    I have 1 tactiacal squad

    Next Month

    Next Month I am going to buy 12 mordor orcs.




    Terrain Articles

    House rules


    Message board

    Welcome! Great to see another kiwi here! If you want you can put up a Miniature Gallery, and if you need any help, ask one of us And you can also join my website The White Council

    -King Of Gondor
    How Do I do A picture gallery? want 2 b 1 of my freinds


    -Lasta Greyshield
    Yeah welcome! I haven't seen a new member in a while--you should feel special. I guess you started Lot R about the same time I did...great...

    Anyway, I can't wait untill you get a gallery up! Have fun.

    -[[Ranger of the North]
    lol most of my minitures r unpainted as i hardly get the time



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