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LotR Wiki

Uglu K

Edit this page (last edited October 3, 2004)

Hi, I am Ug Luk. Sorry to use a non-unique name but this is the one that the online LOTR community knows me as. I'm new to this Wiki stuff so please bear with me.

Some of you may know me as the public face of and I thank you for including BGBM on this site. I am also well known around the LOTR online community as -

Ugluk - Admin member of

BGBM Neil or Ugluk - Ranger of

Ugluk - straight old member on several other lotr forums and sites.

I as Manager of BGBM support the online scene with sponsorship of and and I welcome quality sites that help gamers and fans with the hobby.

Now the personal stuff. I am 33, married with 3 younger Ugluks (1 is actually an Ugless). I took to the hobby as a way of keeping occupied after suffering a stroke and the hobby then took me into the BGBM business with my wife. I play very little as the business keeps me occupied but I like to show my interest to all involved.

I can't think of much more to say at the moment except Thanks!


Use these links to create your galleries.
  • /MiniatureGallery?
  • /SculptingGallery?
  • /TerrainGallery?


As you create articles for the site, remember to enter a link to them here.
For example:

Welcome aboard. It's nice to see another friendly face, especially someone of your status. Great job with BGBM, by the way.

-Elrond The Avenger Category Users
Hey Im Khamul of the Nine from one ring.


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Edited October 3, 2004 (diff)
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