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Uruk Hai Vs Men Of Minas Tirith

Edit this page (last edited April 10, 2006)

Uruk Hai Vs. Men Of Minas Tirith

This Afternoon, I was able to trick my Friend into battle, which is a rare occasion, because he usually has something that immedately pops up when I mention me battling him.

  • Uruk Hai Vs. Men Of Minas Tirith
  • Good Side Models
  • Evil Side Models
  • Layout
  • Good Tactics
  • Evil Tactics
  • Victory Conditions
  • Special Rules
  • The Game
  • Good Conclusion
  • Evil Conclusion
  • Models lost
  • Conclusion
  • Comments
  • Good Side Models

    Captain of Men with Heavy Armor and Sheild
    12 Warriors of Minas Tirith with Sheilds
    12 Warriors of Minas Tirith with Spears and Sheilds
    12 Warriors of Minas Tirith with Bows

    Evil Side Models

    2 Uruk Hai Captain with Amror, Sword and Sheild
    Uruk Hai Standard Bearer
    10 Uruk Hai with Sheilds and Swords
    9 Uruk Hai with Pikes


    Rocks, Trees, Ruins and other Scenery was placed randomly around the board (wich proved to be annoying for my archers). Models where alowed to be deployed anywhere on there half of the board, but could not be placed closer than 6"/14 cm to unfriendly models. My Friend end up scattering his force, which was not smart as it took him some time to get the ones in to battle to stop my front line, while I did my best with the Captain, knwoing no arrows or bolts would come leading a two line strategy, and my Archers using as much "shooting from cover" as possible, which I don;t know why I did as he had now archers... I guess I just like that startegy, and it gave me some barriers to defend should he brake through my lines.

    Good Tactics

    This side was played by me, the Almighty Smitey, Neix J. My plan was to swarm Michaels Uruk Hai with my extra numbers, and try my best to make use of my Captains might and fate. And also, if Michaels Uruk Hai managed to defeat my Sword and Spears, then I would still have my Archers to attack, and was quite sure he would not be able to finish my Fornt Lines, let alone kill enough of my Archers to beat me.

    Evil Tactics

    This side was played by my Friend Michael. Me? Tactics? Wahah? (Michaels not quite a tactician). He planned to use the extra length of pikes to as much andvantagem, and also having two heroes and a standard bearer seemed good to him. He doesn't ahve any Uruks with crossbows which he was annoyed about, but as you read on, you'll realise taht mine didn't help me.

    Victory Conditions

    The first player to reduce their opponents force to to 25% of its Original Forces, or to have the opponents flee in terror wins the game with a Major Victory. If both sides reach 25% in the same turn, then the Player with priority gets a Minor Victory.

    Special Rules


    The Game

    Finally! I bet you stopped paying attention and skipped ahead to this part to catch the action didn't you? DIDN'T YOU? C'mon, you can tell me . Well, unfortunately I didn't have the time to write down a list of events for each turn, so it is based on my memory (which those who know me well may think it is a little in accurate, and no, I didn't make up the end).

    At the start of the Game, my main force parted into 2 groups, well, 3 in a way, in which there went 6 sword, 6 spear to the left, 6 sword, 5 spear to the right, and my Captain and a spearman charged a Uruk Captain supported by a pikeman.

    Michael charged as many Uruk Hai into battle as he could. We ended up with about 3 combats of Men and Uruks, and the one combat mentioned above.

    My archers had their trigger fingers itchy, and let loose a pile of arrows, most going for the standardd bearer, and some who couldn't see him going for other Uruks. More than half the arrows found their mark, while unfortunately none where able to wound .

    In fight phase, we were eager to resolve the combat of the Captains and their supporters. Michaels highest score was a 5, while mine was a 6, but he used might to win the combat. When rolling to wound, he used his last might point to also wound my captain. Fortunately I was able to stop this with a lucky fate roll of 4.

    The other combats went well for both sides, and both players lost a warrior in the heat of the battle.

    The next turn Priority decide to stay with Neix J (hey, that rhymes! I love the way J rhymes with everything!).

    This was great, as it gave me the chance to swarm Michaels forces, as half of his force was still coming from where he had placed them (near the table edge), which gave me a good advantage in combat. Michael couldn't make any moves except get another pikeman to help his cpatain out in the same combat as before, and bring his further away models towards him.

    No Archers could get a clear view with out risking the live of their friends this turn.

    In battle, Michaels captain won again a 3 to 5 which made no point in usong might, and with no more fate to save him my Captain of Men was wounded. The rest of the combat went rather well. In the 3 other fights, my warriors won 2, and struck down 3 Uruks, but in an uppset against 5 opponents, to Uruks rolled sixes and killed 2 of my men.

    Next Evil got Priority. Now more of his forces where here, Micheal had the chance to somewhat even out combat. I still hd the advantage, but it would all depend on wether or not I deemed the situation worthy of my magic dice roll... Oh, I forgot, I dont have a magic dice roll. Damn. Since all my fellows where looked in combat, there was naught to do but move some spearmen into supporting positions.

    Like last turn, no firing.

    Michaels Captain won again, this time killing both my Cpatian and the spearman supporting him. Unfortunately for Michael, the same thing didn't happen with his combats and I took out 5 Uruks. Unfortunately, the one Uruk who had rolled a six last turn did it again! But luckily was unable to wound my warriors.

    More Priority for evil saw another En Masse Charge. By now, the rest of his forces had arrived, by I had already killed 8 Uruks, and I already had slightly more models any way.

    Will I ever get to use these archers?

    Both the Captains managed to win their fight together, which saw the death of one Men of Minas Tirith. Other combats went suprisingly well, me taking out 2 more Uruks, but that same Uruk rolled another six damn him! THis extremely annoyed me, as it killed one of my Men, meaning this turn was a draw.

    With Michael soon to be on the run, I realised that there where only two Uruks left on the sright of the Board. I seized prioity, and used this too charge one of my Men into the two cpatains and their supporting pikemen (my bravest soldier) while six of my Men surronded the 2 Uruks. The fights on the Left where intersting. Fell an unpleasent hate for the lucky Uruk Hai, I attacked him and hic compainion with all but wo of my forces on the left side, and left those two to face the four other Uruks.

    Same old, same old with the Archers.

    My tactics against the Uruks on the right where either a good startegic move or really lucky, cause they managed to kill both the Uruks. Amazingly, against 2 pikemen and 2 capatains, my one man rolled a six, to the highest score of three, meaning that might couldn't win the fight, and he even managed to wound one captain! On the side, the lucky Uruk once again rolled a six. I reckon Michael is cheating with weighted dice or something... But my two men against four Uruks was a complete success! Winning and wounding, Michael was now down for the count with only 8 models left.

    Courage tests for all! Well, only Uruk Hai, but that didn't change matters! All but the two captains and the six-rolling Uruk turned tailed and headed for the board edge. My right-side men and some of my Left charged the captains, and the rest charged the six-rolling Uruk.

    Finally some arrow flying action!... Which wasn't really action as none where wounded.

    The two Cpatains where SLAUGHTERED. Dead in a shot. Voomp-a-boomp. Woohoo! Fate couldn't save them either. The six-rolling Uruk was beaten, but not wounded, meaning at the end of the turn I had one more Uruk to kill, and then the game was done.

    I won prority back. Most of thr Uruks kept running, except the standard beare and 2 others. I charged the 2 En Masse, and obviously won and wounded. The deed was done, and the game was won!

    Good Conclusion


    Eh-hem, let me get some control

    My tactics worked! And well too. Unfrotunately my Archers wern't of much use. Infact, they wern't any use at all, as they killed no models at all... hard to think, 12 arrows a turn and now wounds? Eh. I liked my startegy, and obviously for a good reason - it wins! I may think of adding more warriors and less Archers next time - or maybe I just got unlucky with them... Thats it...

    Evil Conclusion


    I never knew what a pain courage test could be! And even in a even points match, I guess choosing strong troops wasn't a good idea... Mordor Orcs maybe better to suit next time. My Captains and my Amazing Uruk Hai who kept rolling sixes where the higlights of my force though, which was the silver lining on the storm cloud. Though it was probably good not to have archers, as I probably would have been outnumbered in fights even worse otherwise.

    Models lost

    Good Side

    Captain of Men
    8 Men of Minas Tirith

    Evil Side

    2 Uruk Hai Captains
    15 Uruk Hai


    It was a good game, until about half way through in which Michael started saying things like "I don;t like this game anymore" and "Can't I just forfeit?". Usually I would have let him forfeit, but I dragged it out so my Mum could see me win when she got back from shopping.


    Comments are always nice!

    Just making sure, but you do know that you can't kill a supporting spearmen/pikeman through the model he is supporting. For example, when your captain and spearman were figting the Uruk Captain and pikeman and the Uruk killed your captain AND spearmen in the one combat. This is impossible when playing properly.

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    Oh, I must have wrote that wrong. The spearman had moved around and wasn't supporting anymore... . Ill change it. A Nice comment would be good too... *wink wink*

    Neix J

    Queston. WHAT KIND OF BLOOMING MORON WERE YOU PLAYING AGAINST. Did you pick these forces because they were extremely unfair.

    Wise Wanderer
    Check the points! He had more points than I did, and he even picked the forces!

    Neix J

    Umm, Neix J I just checked the points, and I found that you had 51 points more than him (410-359). That many points can make quite a difference in a game that size. Other than that, nice battle report! (There's your nice comment :-p)

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671

    Hey, I think you need to check the points again LordAragorn?, Neix J is right the Uruk Hai army did have more points than the minas tirith army (359 - 355)

    Yeah! Mjkool has got it right! it was 359 - 355, so we made the limit 360. LAE, you do need a new calculator.

    Neix J

    Doh! Stupid brain. You're right. I know what I did, I counted your captain twice. Sorry lol!

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    Yeah, its confussing as he had 2 cpatains and I had one, although I probably should of switched my cpatain for more soldiers, as all my cpatain did was lose fights and use fate. I probably should have used less archers aswell, but I won, so I dont really care.

    Neix J
    uruk hai will win next time but it was a laugh at evil losing for once ( im undefeated ) -MACE

    A mere four points doesn't make a difference. The Uruk hai were badly outnumbered, which is very bad for them, and they had no archers of any kind. Also you gave him two captains instead of more soldiers, this is bad in this scenario since the captains can easily be killed by bow fire.

    Wise Wanderer
    Great battle report Niex J!! Shame I can't help you with the points crisis...

    Great report! Could use some pic tho...

    gimli-the-tramp:That was great im going to try it my self A+++++++

    -Uruk Hai Hunter
    "A mere four points doesn't make a difference. The Uruk hai were badly outnumbered, which is very bad for them, and they had no archers of any kind. Also you gave him two captains instead of more soldiers, this is bad in this scenario since the captains can easily be killed by bow fire." - Wise Wanderer

    Just to clear that up, I did not pick these forces. I know four points doesnt make a difference, thats the point of not having to have a completely exact amount of points. If my friend says I want to use my Uruk-Hai, and I only have enough points for this, and if he wants 2 captains, who am I to question him?

    Thanks Saruman, we already have the point thing solved, and thanks Uruk Hai Hunter, unfortunatley, I wasnt plannig to make a report at the time, so, yeah <.< Annoying, I know.

    Neix J

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