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LotR Wiki

Warg Rider

Edit this page (last edited February 5, 2005)

  • About me
  • My Good Miniatures
  • My Evil Models
  • My Wiki Freinds
  • Terrain
  • Comments
  • About me

    I'm 14, and live in Melbourne, Australia and have been colecting LOTR since BGi ME came out in February 2004, but have been a fan of LOTR since the end of last year (because of my dad-parents, can't live with 'em can't live without 'em!- who didn't think I'd enjoy them.

    My Good Miniatures

    • Aragorn (on and off a horse)
    • Legolas
    • Gimli
    • Boromir
    • Frodo
    • Sam
    • Merry
    • Gandalf the Grey
    • Gandalf the White on Shadowfax
    • Theoden on a horse
    • Eowyn
    • Eomer on a horse
    • 24 Men of Minas Tirith (8 Archers, 8 Swordsmen and 8 men with Throwing Spears)
    • 16 High Elves (8 Archers and 8 Swordsmen)
    • 36 Warriors of Rohan (12 Archers, 12 Swordsmen and 12 men with Throwing Spears)
    • 12 Riders of Rohan (4 Swordsmen and 4 Throwing Spearmen all with bows)
    • 8 Men of Gondor (TLA)

    My Evil Models

    • Witch King (ROTK)
    • Lurtz
    • Ugluk
    • Grishnakh
    • Sharku on a Warg
    • 2 Warg Riders
    • 1 Uruk-hai Captain
    • Saruman
    • 40 Uruk-hai (20 Swordsmen, 20 Pikemen)
    • 36 Orcs (6 Archers, 12 Swordsmen with shields, 9 Swordsmen without shields and 9 spearmen)
    • 60 Moria Goblins (20 Swordsmen, 20 Archers and 20 Spearmen)
    • 24 Warriors of Harad (12 Archers, 12 Spearmen)

    My Wiki Freinds

    If you aren't on this list and you think you should be please leave message after the beep... well no just add a comment


    I have got a fair bit of terrain. I have:
    • 3 Stone Walls
    • 1 Beacon (Not quite finished)
    • 1 Wooden Bridge
    • 2 Trees
    • Fortress (Nothing in Particular)
    • 4 Bits of River


    Please add your comments

    -Warg Rider
    Hi & Welcome to Wiki Warg Rider. We've Talked On Msn When You Were Over Uruk Hai Hunter's House! If You Need Any Help or Something Else Give Us A Call!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    It's VERY Easy to Leave A Comment on Someones Page! All You Have to Do Is DoubleClick? on the Page & Then At the Bottom Type In What You Want to Say & Then Leave Your Username At the end of every comment like I do at the end of this comment. Basically Its Just Like editing A Page In Fact It's Exactly Like It! If You Don't Fully Understand Give Me Another Call! Practise Leaving A comment On This Page!
    Thanks for that Captain Of Gondor

    -Warg Rider
    Hey, welcome to the site! Hope you'll have some picture's up soon!

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    Hi! Good Collection of Models you have!

    Neix J
    Hey I collect BGi ME to but I've been collecting it for 2 years so I have more models than you. I collect High elves and have a pretty decent army. If you want to ask about my army visit my home page and leave a message.

    -Captain Of Gondor Converter
                    For all your converting needs leave a message.

    Category Users

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