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LotR Wiki


Edit this page (last edited April 14, 2006)

Im 14, live in Orange in Australia and have an anoying sister who always throws my minatures and senery around. My favourite thing about lotr mini's is the senery and painting and Gaming. My favourite miniature is Gimli. This sites my favourite. Also i've been collecting Lotr Minatures for around 2 years and have 233 Miniatures. Also on issue 57.


Use these links to create your galleries.


My minature collection

Good hero's
Aragorn the King on horse
Farmer Maggot
Aragorn (HOTW)
Frodo (CoS?)
Sam (CoS?)
Legolas (HOTW)
Gimli (HOTW)
Merry (HOTW)
Pippin (HOTW)
Faramir (HOTW)
Eowyn (HOTW)
Eomer (HOTW)
Frodo (MoM?)
Sam (MoM?)
Merry (MoM?)
Pippin (MoM?)
Aragorn (MoM?)
Legolas (MoM?)
Gimli (MoM?)
Boromir (MoM?)
Gandalf The Grey (MoM?)
Boromir Captain Of The White Tower Standard

Good warriors
1 Knight of minas tirith standard
1 Knight of Minas Tirith
24 Warriors Of Minas Tirith
19 High Elves (8 Sword 8 Bow 3 Spear)
3 Rohan Royal Guards (2 Sword 1 Throwing Spear)
8 Men Of Gondor (8 Sword)
24 Warriors Of Rohan (8 Sword 8 Bow 8 spear)

Evil hero's
Mouth of Sauron on Horse
Mouth of Sauron
4 Ringwraiths
1 Mordor Orc captain

Evil Warriors
3 Uruk-hai Beserkers
1 Cave Troll with Hammer
3 Orc Crewmen
1 Mordor siege Bow
24 Moria Goblins (8 Sword 8 Bow 8 Spear)
24 Warriors Of Harad ( 12 Spear 12 Bow)
3 Easterlings (1 Sword 2 Spear)
20 Fighting Uruk-hai (10 Pike 10 Sword)
1 Mordor Troll
1 Mordor Orc Standard
24 Mordor orcs (8 H Weapon 8 Spear 4 Bow 4 2h Weapons)

Lotr books
Rotk Rulebook
Siege of Gondor
White Dwarf (284,295,296,297,298,299,300,301,302,303,304,309,310,313,314)
How to paint miniatures
Lotr Rule book
Mines Of Moria
Battle of the Pelennor Fields
Shadow and Flame
Fotr Supplement
A Shadow In The East
The Scouring of the Shire
Bgime (1-57)

Wiki Friends

-King Of Gondor: Great painter and has loads of cool mini's.
-Neix J:He's a cool and funny guy.
-Captain Of Gondor: Excellent painter.
-Ugluk1000: Can build excellent Fortresses.
-Shnar Gru: No site with out him.


5 fences
1 42-42cm Moria Board
4 MoM? Pillers(painted)
2 Trap Doors
1 Well
Balins Tomb
Buckleberry Ferry
1 Moria Gate
4 Moria Ruins
1 boulder
1 Campfire
2 Rock Piles
1 rock pass
1 hill
6 ruins
lots of srubery and bushes

Category Users
hey whitehand, i'm thirteen too,But i live in Canada.I'm collecting warriors of the dead, what type of army are you collecting???

                 -Citadel Guard

Uruk-hai and Dwarfs

Hi I'm Captain_Of_Gondor? You're Mounted Aragorn Is AWESOME!!!

All Riders of Rohan are fully aremed with throwing spears, bows, hand weapons & sheilds.

Wain Riders Calvary of Rhun
Whitehand has a Mounted Aragorn on this page?

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671

I dont think he does.

-King Of Gondor

I wish


Lol, I realise that you guys, I was being sarcastic (not in a mean way) about Captain_Of_Gondor 's comment about mounted aragorn earlier. I think I should start marking my sarcasm and jokes on here so people can tell i'm not serious.

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671
Hey, whithand, have you actually got Ish 13? Cause I got it, and pages 3-18 are the same as ish 12... Its a misprint!

Neix J

Yeah I'm glad of it really because from issue 12's misprint on issue 13.

But my Ish 12 is normal!

Neix J
Why isn't any one commenting me or my M Gallery anymore Also I just finished making 7 fences a rocky pass I thought of myself. Also made a giant boulder.

Did you say you think of yourself as a giant boulder?

Neix J

XD K then.

Neix J
Uruk-hai are a stronge army to battle. But nothing beats Rohan!

- Eomer
Hey Whitehand do you hav msn? It'd be kool to talk!

-Captain Of Gondor


Kool! What's your addy?

-Captain Of Gondor

If you mean address its ?????

Fool of a Took! Don't EVER post your address onto the Internet. That's how children get abducted and kidnapped. I've deleted it now so your safe but never do that again. I meant your MSN addy.

-Captain Of Gondor
I'll have to ask my sister because its hers

Great to see a fellow terrain enthusiast. Sisters can be annoying.

The Terrain Dude
"Don't EVER post your address onto the Internet. That's how children get abducted and kidnapped."


What about on TLA? pretty much every member has their email on their page.

In case you were

-Ranger of the North
I was talking about his adress to his house! I have no problem with people giving out there email.

-Captain Of Gondor

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