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LotR Wiki

Whitehand/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited April 14, 2006)

Hi everyone heres my miniature gallery

Miniatures(Good-116 Evil-117)

Painted(Good-21 Evil-50)
-4 Ringwraiths
-1 Cave troll (1 Hammer 0 Spear)
-24 Moria Goblins (8 sword 8 bow 8 spear)
-20 Fighting Uruk-hai (10 Sword 10 Pike)
-Frodo (MoM?)
-Pippin (MoM?)
-Sam (MoM?)
-Merry (MoM?)
-Pippin (Weathertop)
-Frodo (Weathertop)
-Merry (Weathertop)
-Sam (Weathertop)
-8 Men 0f Gondor (8 Sword 0 Spear 0 Bow)
-3 Warriors Of Minas Tirith (3 Sword 0 Spear 0 Bow)

Non-Painted(Good-95 Evil-67)
-Farmer Maggot
-Frodo (CoS?)
-Sam (CoS?)
-24 Mordor Orcs (8 Sword 8 Spear 4 Bow 4 2h Weapon)
-24 Warriors Of Harad (12 Bow 12 Spear)
-24 Warriors of Rohan (8 Sword 8 Bow 8 Spear)
-21 Warriors Of Minas Tirith (5 Sword 8 Bow 8 Spear)
-3 Mordor Orc Crewmen
-1 Mordor Siege Bow
-Frodo (Rotk)
-Sam (Rotk)
-Gollum (Rotk)
-Aragorn (HOTW)
-Legolas (HOTW)
-Gimli (HOTW)
-Pippin (HOTW)
-Merry (HOTW)
-Faramir (HOTW)
-Eowyn (HOTW)
-Eomer (HOTW)
-Aragorn (MoM?)
-Legolas (MoM?)
-Gimli (MoM?)
-Gandalf The Grey (MoM?)
-Boromir (MoM?)
-Boromir Captain Of The White Tower Standard
-Mouth of sauron on horse
-Mouth of sauron
-3 Rohan Royal Guards (2 Sword 1 Throwing Spear)
-1 Mordor troll
-19 High Elves (8 sword 8 bow 3 spear)
-1 Mordor Orc Captain
-1 Mordor Orc Standard
-1 Knight of Minas Tirith
-3 Uruk-hai beserkers
-3 Easterlings(1 sword 2 spear)
-Aragorn the king on horse
-1 Knight of MT Standard

Sorry but Theirs no pic's because I don't have a digital camera

I've Noticed you've done some painting in the last while.(Ringwraith,6 Uruk-Hai)

Citadel Guard
Nice Collection...

Neix J
RIngwraiths are asy to paint, only hard bit is the metal.

Like everything I think is good your army is groovy!

Uruk-Hai Hunter
Neix J
Finally finished my orcs

Groovy! Cant wait till you get some pics up.

Neix J

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Edited April 14, 2006 (diff)
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