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LotR Wiki

Wise Wanderer

Edit this page (last edited February 3, 2006)

I'm a teenager. I've collected Lord of the Rings moddels for two or three years. I collect all kinds of forces both good and evil. I have three hosts so far, A host of the north (my smallest host consisting of a small dwarf contingent, a small wood elf contingent a large high elf contingent and several hereos), My host of the East(Orcs, Uruk hai, you get the picture) and my largest and greatest the host of the West.

  • Completed gaming board
  • Hobbits
  • New host
  • My first building
  • update
  • New host
  • Articles
  • Gaming Suplements
  • House Rules
  • Gaming Suplements
  • Comments
  • Completed gaming board

    I've finished an entire gaming board. It includes two hills on the corners creating a central path and a pond with a stream. In addition I've created enough modular terrain to create forrests, ruins, a gondorian camp, and a rohan fortress.


    The moment I've been waiting for since finishing the Return of the King is finally here. Today I bought a group of hobbit archers and Farmer Maggot and his dogs.

    New host

    My host of the south is just shaping up with my completion of a mumakil. I may also buy aditional stock troops and more raiders

    My first building

    Well first complete building anyway. I've created a Rohan Wooden fort. The building has a tower section battlements a stable section and I've completed most of the Palisade.


    The gate and gate houses are complete.

    New host

    I now have a host of Moria its consists of 23 moria goblings(I lost one) a cave troll and the balrog. I plan to get a mumakil moddel which will practically create a host of the south on its own.


    Gaming/Tactics/Defending Against Goblins

    Gaming/Tactics/Rohan Tactics


    Gaming Suplements


    [Gaming/House Rules/BattleOfTheFiveArmysExpansion]?

    House Rules

    Too numerous to list see house rules section.

    Gaming Suplements

    Don't know how to make link


    Welcome to the site

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671

    Thanks. Hey I wrote an article how can I make a link to it on this page. If you want to read it its called "Defending against Goblins"

    Wise Wanderer

    You could have done it "long hand" like this:

    You should have created this page from within the tactics section, and please use wiki names, (i.e. No spaces in the name when creating the article).

    The link would then have looked like this:


    I have just created a new article under tactics and copied the contents over. I will now delete the old page.

    I have placed a link to your new article above. Don't change anything on the "old" page, it will be deleted after a set time.

    I also added the Table of contents for you, Hope you didn't mind.

    You can delete this post from me when you read it.

    -The Precious

    Well thanks for the link. I don't really no much about writing articles and that should be a wiki name but it keeps putting a space in.

    Darn links. Can't figure out how to make one.

    Wise Wanderer
    lol, your still having a little trouble then. Don't worry you'll get the hang of it. At least it was in the correct place this time.

    OK. I renamed your Rohan Tactis page, I fixed it by changing the name to a wiki name.

    To make you names/words/titles "wiki", you can call them the same as you already had, but make the first letter of each word a capital letter, and don't leave spaces between the words. i.e. you had called your item "Rohan tactics", you should have put "RohanTactics". The wiki system automaticaly puts the spaces in when it reads the title (or word).

    Don't forget to add a link to your new articles from the relevant pages. I have added your new article to the article list.

    -The Precious


    Wise Wanderer
    Do ya know if you could comment on some of my articles too?(paintinglord faraamir,paintingwarriorsofthedead)

    I think I did comment on warriors of the dead.

    Wise Wanderer
    do you have a digital camera?must not, then you would have galleries

    -Citadel Guard
    Shame, too.

    Neix J
    YOU CALLED ME SHE IN THE BOlT? THROWER MESSAGE! I am aHE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can stop following me now you know I am not female!
    Lasta Greyshield (MALE)



    What does 'lol' mean?

    laugh out loud and not lots of love

    Baruk Khazad

    What does oxxx(::::::::::::::> mean?????

    Its a little picture of a sword.

    Wise Wanderer

    Anyone know how to make the links work

    Wise Wanderer
    I fixed the links for you.

    - Nolofinwe Tiwele

    Thanks a bunch

    Wise Wanderer

    I like your articles. Do you live in New England, if so, where???

    Oh and I tried fixing your links but apparrently the last two articles don't exist

    Bour Bon
    hi their im ungoliant i realy love what uve done 4 the silmarilion my self am quite in it 2 by the way if u ask i can put some conversion ideas on a new page 4 morgoth, his host (horors) trolls etc... ive got the ideas and the green stuff just tell me on my user page OK? ungoliant

    Its under scenarios, you can put them as comments or just make an independent page in the hobby section.

    Wise Wanderer

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