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LotR Wiki

Witch King

Edit this page (last edited March 7, 2005)

Hey all, im new to this site... i only just started lotr...
my brother got me started on it, and i just love painting them!!!
btw my brother is Baruk Khazad!


User Name: Witch King
Msn Email:


Welcome to the site! I have issued you a nickname of Mini BK! lol.
If you need any help, ask your brother, and put up a miniature gallery too!

-King Of Gondor

Mini BK... i like it, lol

- Witch King

Hey, definately welcome to the site if your BK's brother!!! If your anything like in the mentality of your brother, join the zebra clan at (message boards at Look forward to some pics of your models, some house rules, articles, or watever really,

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671
Wow Bk has a brother!!! Great to see another member of the Baruk Khazard family on wiki, your page looks great already!! Hope you enjoy your stay! Notice that BK hasn't left any comments yet... lol

The Terrain Dude

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