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Publications/Battle Games In Middle Earth

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  • Overview
  • Magazine Theme
  • Miniatures
  • Scenarios
  • Painting Guides
  • Terrain Workshops
  • How Can I Get BGiME?
  • Issues
  • Comments
  • Overview

    Battle Game in Middle Earth is a magazine dedicated to the Lord of the Rings miniature battle games. Unlike Publications/White Dwarf, this magazine focuses soley on Lord of the Rings, plus it includes miniatures with each issue, to help introduce new players to the game.

    Magazine Theme

    There does not appear to be any reasoning behind what theme is included when, meaning that the theme from one issue can drastically vary from the theme in the very next issue, there does appear to be some semblence or order to the rules.

    Each issue introduces a new rule in playing the Lord Of The Rings Strategy Battle Game. It will take many issues to get all of the basic, advanced, and siege rules, but the reader will get there eventually. For example, siege rules are only now being introduced starting with issue 27.


    Battle Games In Middle Earth is a "parts" magazine. This means that every issue is a magazine and a part of some sort. For us, that pretty much means a miniature. Every issue is planned to come with at least one metal miniature or a plastic sprue of miniatures (which can contain a good 15 issues, such as issue 32 which contain Merry & Pippin, have even more than one metal miniature. And some miniatures are big enough to be spread across multiple issues, such as mounted figures.

    Perhaps the most exciting thing about the miniatures are the exclusive miniatures only found in the BGi ME magazine. These include:
    • Ugluk w/issue 16
    • Rohan Royal Guard standard bearer w/issue 40
    • Gothmog (foot) w/issue 56(has come out in store now)
    • Armoured Boromir with shield (no standard) w/issue 60 (now in stores)
    • Aragorn the King on foot w/issue 78
    • Ghan-buri-Ghaen w/ issue 89

    In addition to miniatures, Battle Games In Middle Earth includes cardstock cutouts of miniatures that are not yet included (or never planned to be included, you need to go to your hobby shop to buy them). With these cutouts, you will have all the "models" necessary to play the scenarios in the magazine.

    The Publications/Battle Games In Middle Earth "Issues" section contains a detailed list of which miniature is included with which issue. While not every White Dwarf miniature is included with this subscription, it's a very healthy list from which to play scenarios and build your armies.


    Painting Guides

    Terrain Workshops

    How Can I Get BGiME?

    For those who do live in one of the countries De Agostini ship to check out their website at for a subscription link.

    If you're in a country where you cannot get the magazine, such as the US, Asian countries, various European and African nations, etc., and you want to subscribe, De Agostini will not ship there. Fear not though, you can still get this excellent pubication!

    There are various online dealers/vendors who are willing to ship to anyone in the world. They will typically charge the cover price of the magazine plus a shipping charge. Payments are usually handled either via PayPal? or Credit Cards. Of the online dealers I've personally dealt with, Battle Games By Mail is my preferred. Check out Battle Games By Mail page for more details on how to do this.

    There is a easier way to get Bgime in some countries, you can buy them from a newsagency somewhere.


    This list of issues details the contents of each kind. You'll also find reviews and user comments from each one there.
    Issue # Release Date Items List Overview
    ./Issue1   * 4 Moria Goblin Archers
    * 4 Moria Goblin Swordsmen
    * 4 Moria Goblin Spearmen
    * Paint Brush
    * 4 paints (Chaos Black, Scorched Brown,Mithril Silver and Goblin Green)
    * Card insert
    * 12mm d6
    Introduction to game, simplified rules, painting, and Aragorn vs. Goblin scenario.
    ./Issue2   * 4 Men Of Gondor
    * 4 High Elven Archers
    * 4 High Elven Swordsmen
    * 4 paints Shinning Gold, Elf Flesh, Skull White,Regal Blue
    Expanded rules on movement, painting guides for new mini's, War w/current mini's.
    ./Issue3   * Frodo (Fellowship)
    * Blood Red paint
    * Card Insert (uruks, nazgul, saruman)
    Detailed explanation on Initiative and Movement, the turn sequence, painting Frodo, the Nazgul Pursuit (?) scenario (Frodo, Aragorn, 5 Nazgul).How to make a fence.
    ./Issue4   * 10 Plastic Uruk-hai sprue :
    - 5 Pikemen
    - 5 w/ Scimitars
    Advanced melee combat with a Wound Chart. Elven Attack scenario. Basic Uruk-hai painting guide and Making A Hill terrain .
    ./Issue5   Lurtz (shield above head) The Shooting phase in detail, Hunt of the Uruk-Hai scenario (Frodo & Aragorn vs. 4 Uruk-Hai Uruk-Hai w/ Sword and Shield), Lurtz Painting guide, Making a gaming area.
    ./Issue6   Aragorn (Two Towers) Advanced rules on movement and terrain, rules for jumping, climbing,...,Painting Aragorn, Defend the Ruins scenario (Aragorn, 5 Uruk-Hai w/ Sword and Shield), How to make Ruins.
    ./Issue7   12 Plastic Warriors of Rohan sprue Advanced rules on defending barriers, Painting Warriors of Rohan, Repel the Enemy scenario (12 warriors of Rohan, 14 Uruk-Hai), How to make walls
    ./Issue8   Legolas and Golden yellow paint Rules for Ranged Weapons, Painting Legolas, Escape from Lothlorien scenario (Legolas, Frodo, 8 Moria Goblins), How to make trees
    ./Issue9   Uruk-Hai Captain burn the village scenario parts 1-4,painting guide for the Uruk-Hai Captain, constuct a Rohan warning becon
    ./Issue10   10 Plastic Fighting Uruk-hai  
    ./Issue11   Boromir (Fellowship) Rules for heroes and might and fate. Double amon-hen scenario and a boromir paint guide and a standing stone guide
    ./Issue12   Gandalf the Grey (Khazad-Dum version)  
    ./Issue13   6 Plastic Rohan horses  
    ./Issue14   6 Plastic Riders of Rohan sprue  
    ./Issue15   Saruman (TTT version)  
    ./The Two Towers
    Special Edition
    Out Around issue 15-16 Gandalf on Shadowfax  
    ./Issue16   Ugluk  
    ./Issue17   Grishnakh + card insert of Mordor Orcs  
    ./Issue18   Eomer  
    ./Issue19   Eomer's Horse, Paints(Red Gore, Bestial Brown, Dwarf Flesh)  
    ./Issue20   12 Plastic Moria Goblins  
    ./Issue21   Gimli + Card insert (Balrog and cave troll)  
    ./Issue22   Plastic Moria ruins  
    ./Issue23   12 Warriors of Minas Tirith 
    ./Issue24   12 Plastic Mordor Orcs  
    ./Issue25   Sam from Fot R  
    ./Issue26   Faramir (Ranger version) and card insert of Rangers of Gondor  
    ./Issue27   Plastic Siege Uruk Hai Sprue  

    Issue # Release Date Items List Overview
    ./Issue28   Haldir  
    ./Issue29   Theoden  
    ./Issue30   Uruk Hai Berserker  
    ./Issue31 Apr 2 Plastic Seige Uruk Hai Sprue  
    ./Issue32 Apr 16 Merry and Pippin  
    ./Issue33 Apr 29 Warriors of Minas Tirith Sprue  
    ./Issue34 May 13 Warriors of Minas Tirith standard bearer  
    ./Issue35 May 27 Galadriel  
    ./Issue36 Jun 10 Elrond  
    ./Issue37   Witch King (Weathertop version)  
    ./Issue38 Jun 24 Grima Wormtongue  
    ./Issue39 Jul 1 Gandalf the White (TTT edition minus the rock)  
    ./Issue40 Jul 15 New Riders of Rohan standard  
    ./Issue41 Jul 29 Mordor Orc Sprue  
    ./Issue42 Aug 5 Mordor Orc Standard Bearer  
    ./Issue43 Aug 19 Faramir on Horseback  
    ./Issue44 Spt 2 SA Warriors Of Gondor and High Elf sprue  
    ./Issue45 Spt 16 Gil-Galad  
    ./Issue46 Spt 30 Elendil  
    ./Issue47 Oct 7 Isildur  
    ./The Return Of The King
    Special Edition
    Out Around issue 47-48 Mounted King Elessar  
    ./Issue48 Oct 21 Gorbag  
    ./Issue49 Nov 4 Shagrat  
    ./Issue50 Nov 18 Warriors of Rohan Sprue  
    ./Issue51 Dec 2 Gamling on foot  
    ./Issue52 Dec 16 Rot K Eowyn (Hot W version)  
    ./Issue53 Dec 30 Hama  

    Issue # Release Date Items List Overview
    ./Issue54 Jan 6 Rot K scenery sprue  
    ./Issue55 Jan 20 Minas Tirith mounted standardbearer  
    ./Issue56 Feb 3 Gothmog (on foot)  
    ./Issue57 Feb 17 Denethor  
    ./Issue58 Mar 3 Mordor Orc captain (version without helmet)  
    ./Issue59 Mar 17 Faramir in heavy armour with raised sword, only available in Bgi ME  
    ./Issue60 Mar 31 New Boromir - the armoured Boromir with shield, only available in Bgi ME  
    ./Issue61 Apr 7 Strider (Fellowship)  
    ./Issue62 Apr 21 Bilbo  
    ./Issue63 May 5 Gollum (TT)  
    ./Issue64 May 19 Eomer on foot (ROTK)  
    ./Issue65 Jun 2 Theodred  
    ./Issue66 Jun 16 Riders of Rohan sprue  
    ./Issue67 Jun 30 Riders horses  
    ./Issue68 Jul 7 Plastic Warg sprue  
    ./Issue69 Jul 21 Warg rider sprue  
    ./Issue70 Aug 4 Haradrim sprue  
    ./Issue71 Aug 18 King of the Dead  
    ./Issue72 Spt 1 Mordor Orc sprue  
    ./Issue73 Spt 15 Merry and Pippin (ROTK)  
    ./The Fellowship Of The Ring
    Special Edition
    Arround issues 70-75 Mounted Arwen with unconscious Frodo  
    ./Issue74 Spt 29 Witch king (ROTK)  
    ./Issue75 Oct 6 "Conversion kit"  
    ./Issue76 Oct 20 Armoured Legolas (ROTK)  
    ./Issue77 Nov 3 Easterling captain /
    ./Issue78 Nov 17 Aragorn the King (ROTK)  
    ./Issue79 ? Radagast the Brown  
    ./Issue80 ? Tom Bombadil  
    ./Issue81 ? Glorfindel  
    ./Issue82 ? Orc Shaman  
    ./Issue83 ? Dwarf Captain  
    ./Issue84 ? Durburz  
    ./Issue85 ? Balin  
    ./Issue86 ? Suladan  
    ./Issue87 ? Hasharin  
    ./Issue88 ? Imrahil  
    ./Issue89 ? Ghan-buri-Ghan (BGi ME Exclusive, tells you who he is)  
    ./Issue90 ? Farmer Maggot and all three dogs  
    ./Issue91 ? Sharkey  

    It's been confirmed on the games workshop forum that there will only be 91 issues of BGi ME so that's it i'm afraid. Kaliska

    According to De Agostini Australia there were origianlly 65 issues planned - but at a recent visit to Games Workshop, prizewinners of the De Agostini competition were given the above speculative list extending the run to issue 78. at The Last Alliance (me!) received an e-mail with all the contents of BGi ME going up to 91, I have included them in the li King_Eomer_Of_Rohan st

    Note, if you have relavant info on an issue, please add it to the list above. -Shnar Gru


    due to the overwhelming number of comments, I'm moving this to a subpage system, similar to how our Message Board works. -Shnar Gru

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