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LotR Wiki


Edit this page (last edited June 6, 2004)

28 Year old from Ireland.

Interests include:
  • My Girlfriend.
  • Photography,
  • 80's Goth Music
  • Black Clothes
  • Lord of the Rings,
  • Painting LOTR models/making terrain etc.
  • guns/army/collecting militeria.

Welcome aboard Bullets. A note on your name, Wiki Name likes having more than one capital letter in it, for the auto-linking to occur. To force Wiki to link your name, you have to use freelinks, which means wrap your name in double brackets, like this: [[bullets]]

-Shnar Gru
Hey Bullets, thought I'd say G'day, as we are about the same age, and have similar interests. I took a look at your homepage, loved the stuff from the filming of Braveheart. -The Precious

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Edited June 6, 2004 (diff)
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