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legolas THEarcher

Edit this page (last edited February 16, 2005)

Hi, I'm a 14 year guy in year ten high school. I live in western australia. I would appreciate any comments and tips on my painting in my miniture gallery.


* /Miniature Gallery

hopefully more items to come soon.


Why did you get rid of those pics? I know they were'nt the best, but you could still leave them. Also, try using a magnifying glass as an extra lense for your camera, it can make a huge difference. Anyway, welcome to wiki, if you need any help, ask around. I see that you've already learnt how to upload pics Oh and your eomer looks cool.

-King Of Gondor
Hi and welcome to site! (i know this is getting old but... ha ha beat ya rotn!)

-Captain Of Gondor
Winning is never old... Don't be a party pooper.

-Ranger of the North


-Lasta Greyshield
Hello! I agree with Ko G on this one, Please start a user gallery and put your pics up.

-The Precious
Sorry i took them of but i'm having a bit of diificulty using the site. Espicially with putting in links.

-Legolas THEarcher
I have put them back on+extra. Enjoy

-Legolas THEarcher
Hey Legolas THEarcher, I changed a few things around in your pages to help you out (you said you were having a bit of dificulty). If you don't like it's an easy change to go back, that one of the great thinks about this wiki stuff. You didn't need to add your name to the Category Users page it is done auto for you if you add those words "CategoryUsers" to the bottom of the page you want listed under the user category (strange thing that I guess), anyway I've fixed that up for you and added it to the bottom. Just ask anyone for help (here or on their page), they are all pretty cool around here and most are willing to help.

-The Precious
THATS why my page doesn't appear!!!

-Lasta Greyshield
Well thanks for all the help

-Legolas THEarcher
Hey i'm just wondering how many members of the site live in OZ? And do many live in WA (Western Australia)?

-Legolas THEarcher
There is a list of most of the Aussie users, and rough locations, on the bottom of my "page". I think there is around 10 including you and I. There maybe more that I've missed adding. There is also a strong NZ presence too.

-The Precious
I have now added more pics to my gallery and have cropped them (now quicker to load). Too bad none of the users live in W.A

-Legolas THEarcher
I'm Aussie!

-Lasta Greyshield

Category Users

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Edited February 16, 2005 (diff)
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