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== Introduction ==
This FAQ is completely controlled by the users. You have a question about how 
all this works, simply add a new section by typing in <nowiki>=== Your 
Question ===</nowiki> and it will magically appear in the list below. 
Just type your question in and someone will answer it sooner or later.
=== How is the content managed against malicious intent? ===
=== Can I really change every page? ===
Yes, you can! That's the power behind wiki, anyone and everone can edit any and 
all pages.
=== Do SandBox messages go into the recent changes page? ===
Yes, they do. Every change you make will appear in the RecentChanges page 
**unless** you uncheck the "Include page in Recent Changes list." 
checkbox on the edit page. Unchecking means that you're doing a minor change 
that probably shouldn't be in the RecentChanges list. Things like spelling 
fixes, grammar changes, etc.
=== Can I upload images here? ===
**Q:** I want to write articles and show off my miniatures in my gallery, but 
don't a personal website to upload my images. Can I upload them here?
**A:** No, no and no! For two reasons: A) Space, I don't have a whole heck of a 
lot of space on my domain host and if I were to include everyone's images here, 
that space would evaporate before you could say "Bob's your uncle". 
and B) Bandwidth. The more images listed here, the more bandwidth will be eaten 
up as users download the images. If you keep your images on your own webserver, 
then the bandwidth will be shared by all the users of this community and (most 
likely) no one will be left with a huge burden (as we've all seen at 
I'm asking everyone in the community to please keep your images on a 
**different** server, but link them here. This will help me save space on my 
server for the actual content (i.e. the text) as well as keep this website 
alive by preserving bandwidth.
=== Then, Where can I upload my images? ===
**Q:** If I can't upload them here, where can I?
**A:** Almost every ISP used to connect to the 'net offers the ability to have 
a "homepage". Contact your ISP to see how to activate your homepage, 
and then upload them there. They'll be able to tell you what the URLs will be, 
and you can then link your articles to them.
If your ISP doesn't offer a homepage (as some non-US ones do), then there are a 
lot of online sites that will grant you "free" webspace. Typically 
you'll have to join these "communities", but almost all of them will 
allocate a certain amount of webspace for free (like around 2mb to 5mb).
Here is a list of some free, online sites to host your images:
 * http://www.uploadit.org
 * http://www.villagephotos.com
 * http://www.photobucket.com (100mb of storage here but hard to get a free 
account atm)
 * http://www.50megs.com (free web sites too)
 * http://www.tinypic.com (no registration)
 * [MessageBoard/Fotki www.fotki.com] (CitadelGuard recommends)
 * http://www.imageshack.us (free, and you can just load up images, no acct 
//If you know of any other sites, please add them//
can I ask which one is best to use? 
I may be uploading my pics today
I use photobucket, you get more space and your files arent restricted to things 
like JPEG.
=== What does "WIKI" stand for? ===
**Q:** Does WIKI stand for something, or can you tell me what it means because 
only until recently have I heard that word?
**A:** The very first Wiki website was created by Ward Cunningham back in 1995, 
and it's still running at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiWikiWeb. It's much more 
technically oriented than this one. On the 
http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?EtymologyOfWiki page it describes the meaning of 
"wiki", derived from the Hawaiian word wikiwiki which means 
"fast, speedy".
www.geocities.com/legio_ultra2000   my pics of warhammer tell me what you 
think. :D WOOOOT
=== How can I get on All users? =
**Q:** How do I get on All users page?
**A:** The "all users" page is the CategoryUsers page. To add your 
user page to this big listing is simple. Simply add the term ~CategoryUsers to 
your user page, anywhere on the page, and it will then be included in the 
CategoryUsers listing. That page does nothing but scour the entire wiki site 
for any page that has the term ~CategoryUsers, and then adds it to the list.

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