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These articles are reports on specific gaming adventures. They can be as short 
or as descriptive as you like. Include images too if you can (though remember 
that you cannot host images here, only linked from here).
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=== Articles ===
  * ./TheSeigeOfOsgiliath written by CaptainOfGondor
  * ./SoItBeginsTheSeigeOfOsgiliath by CaptainOfGondor & NeixJ
  * ./Rearguard by TheTerrainDude
  * ./AmericaVsMiddleEarth aka KingOfGondor vs. RangerOfTheNorth
  * ./TheUnexpectedAmbush, AKA CaptainOfGondor Vs LordAragornElessar671
  * ./GreatestBattleOfOurTime, AKA CaptainOfGondor Vs NeixJ
  * ./AmbushOnTheEastRoad by [[Ranger]]
  * ./[[UrukHaiVsMenOfMinasTirith]] by NeixJ
  * ./TheOldForest by TheTerrainDude
  * ./TheRuins by CitadelGuard
  * ./TheAssassination by Muhadman
  * ./[[OsgiliathInvaded]] by -[[King-Elessar]]
  * ./Assault on Minrimmon by Lord of Utumno
  * ./DolAmrothBattleCompany by MarshallOfTheMark
  * ./DeathOfGondor
=== BGiME Battle Reports ===
These reports are for the scenarios in the different BGiME issues. These pages 
are not subpages of this page, but rather of their own pages on the BGiME issue 
reviews. However, they are linked here:
  * [[Publications/BattleGamesInMiddleEarth/Issue1/ShnarGrusBattleReport]]
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        [http://WTHP4.coolhost.biz | WTHPD4]
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        [[http://WTHP6.coolhost.biz WTHPD6]]

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