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Conversion is the art of taking a store-boughten miniature and, well, 
converting it to look different. This can be as simple as a weapon swap, a pose 
change, to something more complex, mounted on a cheese, completely different 
sculpts, etc.
Post your conversion articles here.
=== Articles ===
**Good Forces**
  * ./ReallyCoolElfCaptain
  * ./CaptainOfRohanConversion by CaptainOfGondor
  * ./LorienSwordsmen by [[ElrondTheAvenger]]
  * ./LorienSpearmen by [[ElrondtheAvenger]]
  * ./LorienBannerman by [[ElrondTheAvenger]]
  * ./HaldirSpearman by ShnarGru
  * ./MakingElnaith by [[Elvenknight009]]
  * ./HighElfCaptain by [[Ethrendil]]
  * ./RangerSpearmen by TheTerrainDude
  * ./SimpleManOfMinasTirithConversion by KingOfGondor
  * ./GandalfWithArrow by NeixJ
  * ./EntArmy by GoblinMaster
  * ./ConvertedCaptainOfGondor by TheConverter
  * ./HighElfCaptainConversion by TheConverter
  * ./TheBlueWizards by Me
  * ./RohirrimWithAxeAndBow by MrMclukus
  * ./RohirrimWithSpearInsteadOfSword by MrMclukus
  * ./Armed celeborn by Eldarion
**Evil Forces**
  * ./GoblinScoutCaptain by BourBon
  * ./BetterGoblinConversion by BourBon
  * ./RemovableTuskWeapons by TheTerrainDude
  * ./MakingMyOwnFellBeast by TheTerrainDude
  * ./GondorOrcConversion by [[lyle]]
  * ./ForcesOfSauron by TwitchOfGondor
  * ./MordorOrcs by [[Kaliska]]
  * ./MoriaGoblinCaptainConversion by TheConverter
  * ./OrcCaptainConversion by RangerOfTheNorth
  * ./HowToChangeCaveTrollIntoMordorTrollTemplate by ElrohirOfRivendel
  * ./Mordor TrollChieftainConversion by Lord of Utumno
  * ./Haradrim Chieftien and other warrior conversions
  * ./Mordor Troll Conversion!!!! AWESOME!!!! by NecromancerOfMirkwood
  * ./Easterling Kataphrakt Banner Bearer by Shadowphrakt
**General Articles**
  * ./ConversionCompetition
  * ./HowToUsePinVice by ThePrecious
  * NewArticleTemplate->./Standardbearer by The Red eye
  * NewArticleTemplate->./RenameThisLinkThenCreateANewPage <br>
   //In renaming the article, remove the spaces. You should probably also move 
the link into the proper location (i.e. good conversions vs. evil conversions). 
See WikiName for more information.//

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