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=== General ===
**User Name**: ShnarGru <br>
**Email**: shnar@hotmail.com <br>
<nowiki>ShNar-gRu</nowiki> was an orc character I'd created many 
years ago on the Beleriand Mush, and whenever I need to create a 
"unique" username on another website, I've always used 
"shnar", the shortened version of 
<nowiki>ShNar-gRu</nowiki>. It's unique, that's for sure, and the 
shorter, all lower case version is easier for people to remember. 
- ShnarGru
P.S. The strange case found in my name was my attempt on a text-only game to 
show that the character had a speech impediment, talked with a slur of sorts.
=== Galleries ===
  * /MiniatureGallery
  * /TerrainGallery
=== Projects ===
  * /AshleyDanielleNielsen
  * /HowCanFireUndoStone
  * /TensOfThousands
  * /TrollDrums
  * /BlackGate
  * /Grond
=== Articles ===
  * [[Miniatures/Collecting/CustomBoxes]]
  * [[Terrain/Natural/WoodChips]]
  * [[Miniatures/Painting/Banners]]
  * [[Miniatures/Conversions/HaldirSpearman]]
  * [[Gaming/CommunityScenarios/ScouringOfTheShire]]
=== Reviews ===
  * [[Publications/BattleGamesInMiddleEarth/Issue1]]
=== Battle Reports ===
  * [[Publications/BattleGamesInMiddleEarth/Issue1/ShnarGrusBattleReport]]
  * [[Publications/BattleGamesInMiddleEarth/Issue2/ShnarGrusBattleReport]]
Since I'm a Delphi user, here's my local usergroup blog:
I was hoping that u could replace the top right banner with this one because I 
don't have access to change it.
  : Can you change "WIKI HOME" to "LOTR WIKI", and make it 
multi-line (i.e. LOTR on the top with WIKI beneath it). Otherwise, I like it.
  : -ShnarGru
I have edited it, now it looks much much better :) Also you can upload it to 
your own server or use the image link itself.
  : Heh, now I'm going to get picky. I liked the white glow on the older one, 
around the figure. And the dark outline around the words looked better too, 
making it easier to read "LotR Wiki". The layout is good, but the 
blues are too close to each other, a little hard to read.
  : -ShnarGru
Is this better now? Or would you like some coffee with it? ;)
  : Heh, great ('cept that last elf, he doesn't have the glow ;)). I'll put a 
Random function on the link :)
  : -ShnarGru
Hey Shnar, any chance you could add a Battlefields of Middle Eath section to 
the terrain?  I have a work in progress to post up, but I don't know if I can  
add a new section like that and have it show up on the quick links to the left. 
  : What do you mean by "Battlefields"? BGiME? If so, there already 
is a section for that [[Gaming/BattleGamesInMiddleEarth]]. You are correct 
though, all those links on the side are hardcoded and so if we want to 
add/rearrange those links, I have to do it. The only "content" on our 
site that's not controllable by our users :)
  : -ShnarGru
  : Oops, I meant Building Middle Eath.  D'oh.  
  : -ElrondTheAvenger
    : Still not sure what "Building Middle Earth" refers to though. 
Do you mean terrain projects for specific regions? BTW, got the small logo to 
rotate randomly between your 5 images.
    : -ShnarGru
 : He meant something like this: 
http://www.thelastalliance.com/index.php?pid=subcategory&catid=2&subid=9 Sorry about the non glow on the elf. I was a little rushed :P
 : -Elvenknight009
    : Ok, I see. I'm going to say for now, not yet. As we "build Middle 
Earth", just put the projects in the Terrain section where they feel right 
(i.e. probably either Natural or Buildings). Once we get enough articles on 
specific locations of Middle Earth, then we can move everything to a new 
"Building Middle Earth" section. Something like at least 5 specific 
articles on stuff (like a few on Helm's Deep, Mordor, etc.). Until then, put 
the articles in the other sections.
    : For now, I don't think we have enough content to justify another subpage. 
Let's keep it simple until we need to reorg (especially with the new Rename 
Page feature, it'll be a snap to reorg things).
    : -ShnarGru
    : P.S. As for the elf, no worries. If you wanna update it, you can. Also, 
if you wanna create some additional ones to put in the randomizor, just post 
them up and I'll move them to my server :)
Hi, ShnarGru, this is [[UGLUK1000]], you moved my page called projects onto my 
users page, I have a few questions.
a, when I create a page by using a search box, where does it appear
b, If I know where it is, how can I move it.
Thankyou, this website really is cool, but unfortunatly all the info in 
"help" or "sandbox" goes straight  over my head, Im under 
15 years old lets say, so please be patient, I love lord of rings. P.S, is this 
website i.e you american?
Also, you said on my page: I've taken the libery of moving your Project as a 
subpage here, since the apostrophe was giving Wiki a headache. -Apostrophe 
giving you a headache? What do you mean?
Don't fret over the time it takes to understand how wiki works. The idea that 
the entire website is editable takes a while to grasp, and then figuring out 
how it works can take some time too. But, it's fortunately a short learning 
curve. Your questions will pretty much be the only questions, once answered, 
you're all set.
A) There are two ways to create a page. Either through the search box, or by 
editing a page and adding a WikiName. Then after saving the page, you can click 
on the questionmark to create the page. In **both** cases, the page is created 
the same way. If there are no forward slashes in the name, then it's considered 
part of the root level. For example, all users are on the root level, as is 
[[Gaming]], MessageBoard, LordOfTheRingsStrategyBattleGame, etc.
If the name contains a Forward Slash (i.e. the / character) then the page is 
created as a subpage of whatever is before the forward slash. For example, 
[[Miniatures/Painting]], Painting becomes a subpage of Miniatures. This can be 
as many "levels" deep as you want. Such as 
[[Miniatures/Painting/Banners]]. Banners is a subpage of Painting, which is a 
subpage of Miniatures.
So, when you enter a name in the search box and it doesn't exist, you can 
create it. If you enter a name with a slash in it, it will be created as a 
subpage of whatever is in front of the page. For example, if you enter 
UGLUK1000 (and let's pretend your page didn't exist yet), then the page 
[[UGLUK1000]] would be created. If you entered UGLUK1000/MiniatureGallery, then 
a new page called ~MiniatureGallery would be created as a subpage of UGLUK1000.
All in all, it's easiest to create subpages by editing the parent page and 
adding the <nowiki>./NewPageName</nowiki>. For example, to create 
your ~MiniatureGallery on your own page, go edit your page and add 
<nowiki>./MiniatureGallery</nowiki> and after you save and click on 
the questionmark to create the page, the new page will be a subpage of 
UGLUK1000 because of that dot-slash. 
Oh, and one more thing to confuse you, there are such things as Templates. 
Instead of doing <nowiki>./MiniatureGallery</nowiki> on your 
userpage, put in this text instead 
then when you click on the questionmark to create the page, instead of a blank 
page, all the text from the Template page will be copied in to help start the 
B) //Moving// a page is really just //renaming// a page. At the bottom of each 
page is a link that states "Rename This Page". Clicking on it will 
allow you to give the page a different name. To take an existing page and put 
it somewhere else, you rename it to have a different pagename before the 
forward slashes. For example, if you created a page called ~UgluksMiniatures 
and I felt it should be your Miniature Gallery as a child page of your 
userpage, I would rename it to 
<nowiki>UGLUK1000/MiniatureGallery</nowiki>. I would then probably 
add a link to the page on your userpage.
C) Apostrophes in a WikiName. Try not to put them in. Giving me a headache 
means that it's causing errors with the wiki code. The best way to make a page 
is to have no spaces, no underscores, no special characters, basically just 
alphabet characters and numbers, all squished together with **more than one 
capital letter**. 
There you have it. Oh, and while it's definately ok to put this question on my 
page, it might be better to put it as a subpage on the MessageBoard, that way 
others can answer the question if I don't get around to it :)
P.S. Yes, I'm American and this webpage is hosted on an American server. I'm 
based out of Utah. 
-**Thee Utah, In goldmember? with desert un stuff? Certainly aint England** - 
Yes, the Utah. There's only one now. It's not what you would consider a classic 
desert though. Sure, it's a wilderness or desert, but it's not like the Sahara 
where it's all sand. Plus with the Rockies so near, we have the best snow on 
the earth for skiing :P - -ShnarGru
Sounds great, now where's that plane ticket. -UGLUK1000
Hey, r there any other battle postings up on this site? Cause i wanna laf at 
ppl who lost. Lol, nah, im nice inside, it is just fun looking at ppls 
startegies and trying to help them win next time.
Im not that bad, really.
I've noticed that on the Recent Changes there is one page with "this page 
will be destroyed" on, why? Porn or summut?
If you mark a page with the command #DEPRECATED it is flagged for deletion. I 
am the only one who can truly delete a page. I run a script that deletes any 
#DEPRECATED pages and *poof* they're gone.
Cool.... Al hail teh powerfull page destroying Shnar Gru! *bows*
Yes *UGLUK1000 also bows*, but why did you delete that page? By the way, 
pictures of my fortress and other scenery are going on my page tonight, because 
of the time rift way over there in that country you call america, (which is 
actully USA as my gepgraphy teacher keeps on reminding me) I've predicted 
they'll come on about 11pm.
I'm not sure which page you're referring to. There's a few pages that are 
marked for deprecation right now. Typically, a page gets marked because it's 
either a junk page someone created (which may have porn) or usually it's a page 
created by accident. The author meant to create a different page, and usually 
does, and then marks the original page for deprecation.
As with almost everything wiki, anyone can mark a page for deprecation. I'm 
just the only one who can run the script that does the actual deletion. 
Typically, if you see a page marked for deprecation and want to know why, look 
at the history of the page and you usually can see why...
Oh, after seeing you couldn't subscribe to BGIME I was wondering. I don't mean 
to rub it in but in UK, you get all the free gifts, balins tomb podium is mint, 
great for displaying all the fellowship, which I have just finished with Merry 
and Pippin in my last mag. Wait - I am rubbing it in. I'd sell my balins tomb 
for 12 or $25, if anyones interested. (I'd buy some rangers with the 
procedes) Anyone interested can contact me on my page, I'd sell it one Ebay if 
anyone asked.
Oh, I know you's all in the UK get extra special treatment. You should feel 
good about yourself, one of the few times you get it better than us in the 
states... ;)
How much do people know about England over there, I mean, in films or 
"movies" it's all: LA, NY, San Fran, Las Vegas, but do you even know 
five of our cities? I just realised, UK is so dull, *UGLUK sighs* we live where 
we live. Do you know 5 cities? And what famous about england over there, apart 
from the mint accent of course.
I do hope you realize I was being facetious. I don't want to get into a 
political tirad here, if you wanna do that, start a thread up on the 
As for England, most of the yanks I know love the Brits. I've been to Scotland 
a few times (never made it down to England though) and it most certainly is not 
dull. Europe in general has that amazing depth of history that Americans aren't 
used to. Something you probably take for granted now, saying your country is 
dull :P 
Sorry got carried away,
Now, that I didn't know, I suppose you don't have much history, so are your 
history lessons a doddle, or do you just learn about us?
I suppose you could learn about your native people.
Compared to america, Europe's dull - ish, becasue it's just good for history 
and not the geography, you live next to one of the world's biggest mountain 
ranges. In America everything's bigger and better and cheaper. By the way, 
Check these out: **[[UGLUK1000/Projects]]** 
Are you kidding? You have some of the more amazing locations in the world, 
//especially// if you're a Tolkien fan. The Highlands of Scotland were 
beautiful. The Alps are stunning. Different from our Rockies. Yes, our Rockies 
are huge (I can testify as I live right on their doorstep) but they're, well, 
different. The Alps feel, I dunno, more healthy? Both lands have greatness in 
them, you just have to open your eyes. As someone said, you have to leave to 
truly appreciate what you've got.
As for our history classes, the general courses from Grade School and High 
School are mainly ancient history (Mesepotanians, Egypt, Greeks, etc), then 
European history, then American (i.e. U.S.) history. When I went through school 
(mid-eighties) there was very little focus on South American history, Native 
Americans (except how they were lied to and thrashed by us Europeans when 
America was first settled), and even hardly anything of Asian history. It's not 
until college years that you can pick-and-choose your classes to learn a more 
in-depth view of history. Well, that and cable. I love the History channel ;)
Yeah, we did kick butt in those days. In those days, we had the biggest empire 
in the world! Austrailia, Canda, Africa, we had it all, bit selfish really! I 
did see the alps once when on the way to Italy, it was cloudly though
Thanks for chnging my name i changed user prefrences.
ShnarGru I've finished my wood elf tree platform, I reckon it could contend 
with yours!
Is it me, or has ShnarGru abandoned this website! I haven't heard of hims for 
Yeah,I think he might have! or maybe he's on holiday or something...
I'm still here. If you check the RecentChanges page, you'll see I usually visit 
the site everyday. I don't however have the time to contribute a lot. Most of 
the time I'm making sure there aren't any major vandales. Ever since I got laid 
off (March) I haven't had time to devote to gaming. I'm starting my own 
software development company (see SysOnyx) and so it's sucking up all my time. 
I will eventually get back to LotR Gaming, as you know I have tons of projects 
I still want to tackle. But for now, the all-mighty-dollar is king and I need 
to get products selling or I lose my house, and that would suck for me and my 
But who cares if I'm here or not? That's the greatest think about wiki, if the 
creator falls out, the site can continue to grow! Ah I love this site :)
Ugluk, I finally saw your pictures (at home I'm on a dial-up, so it's hard for 
me to get images, but I was able to borrow someone's highspeed last week so saw 
the images finally). It's pretty good. Similar approach to mine as well. My 
platforms are a bit different though. Your's look like the ones in BGiME, mine, 
I just took a thin piece of plywood and glued on a shaped piece of cardstock 
for the "elvish" look. Otherwise, it's not that difficult and fun to 
do, also looks way cool once the gaming board once done. You should post up an 
article in the [[Terrain/Natural]] section.
I have, and soz about your redundancy- if it means getting yourself back on 
track, then don't bother with this site for weeks, k?
P.S surely someone would complain if there were a vandal on the site?
No worries, it's not too hard to occassionaly check things out and answer 
personal questions. It just becomes time-consuming to truly contribute and RL 
is currently keeping me from doing this. As for vandales, they rarely actually 
put usernames in their UserPreferences. Vandales are the people who come once, 
see that you can change anything, vandalize a couple pages, and leave. I can 
usually see this from the RecentChanges page...
Shanr Gru, If we had the moeny, wed all buy some products so youd aleats be 
able to keep your toilet. But I have no money, so you better hope some suckers 
elsewhere want the stuff your selling...
And if you dont have time for the website, I could run it... hehhehheh...
wow you certainly know your stuff, well done!
By the way, how do you get your name on the lists of usernames ?
Chief of the Barad-dur
Simple, just add the word CategoryUsers somewhere on your user page. The 
CategoryUsers page is merely a search page, searching for every page that has 
the word CategoryUsers listed on it. Thus, //some// of the "users" 
listed are not actually users, but pages that use that word (like I think there 
are a couple MessageBoard pages there).
BTW, check out the WikiName topic for the usual way names are formatted on a 
wiki website. For example, to get your name directly linked to your page, you 
need to spell your name as it was saved within Wiki, i.e. 
Chied_Of_The_Barad-dur. IMHO, underscores should be avoided, just use multiple 
words squeezed together w/no spaces.
Thanks!! :-) 
By the way, I have changed my wikiname to Saruman
Another problem how do you get photos for your miniaturegallery ?
Great. I personally would //not// have chosen a book name but rather kept it 
original, but hey that's just me. Also, WikiName works better if there's more 
than one capital letter in your name. As it is now, you'll have to wrap your 
name with doublebrackets, like this: <nowiki>[[Saruman]]</nowiki>.
As for photos, there's no way to upload on this site. To keep bandwidth 
problems down, I've decided to //not// host images. Rather, find a 
"free" site that will do it for you then just add a link here to the 
image. Check out the [[Community/FAQ]] for a listing of such sites.
So am I allowed to run the site or not?
Check out my articles. Why because no one else has and I really want someone to 
see them.
House Rules: Battle of the five armys, 
Scenarios: Battle's of the Simmarillion expantion
Could You PLZ Come & Look At My Page?
Um ShnarGru Would It Be Possible to Change My Name to Capn Of Gondor With No 
Under Scores & Still Have My Page?
You can change that, I changed the name of your page so now all you need to do 
is change your username.
Correct. There really is no such thing as a "user" on this kind of a 
wiki website. Rather, you have a UserPreferences for your username. And as 
such, you can create a page with that same name, and it becomes your userpage. 
If you ever desire to change your name, just follow these two steps:
 * **Change your username** in the UserPreferences to the new name you wish to 
be known as.
 * **Change your userpage** by clicking on the old page, and the link at the 
bottom of the page called "Rename this page", click on it to change 
it to the new username.
I hope that's clear.
Yes thankyou ShnarGru & KingOfGondor for all your help!
Hiya, thanks for commenting on my page, I haven't been non much recently, hope 
your enjoying yourself. I have overcome all the exams, but now have an even 
harder school year ahead! Sigh.
By the way, Ive been playingon this mint internet game called Kingsofchaos at 
kings of chaos .com, If you click on the link below, you guys can become my 
officer and you can get soildiers and robb other armies, over 200 000 people 
play in total its great, just click on the link below and follow the 
instructions to become myofficer
It says im only ranked 12000 out of 200 000 but actually, most of my stats are 
ranked 1500! Its a really addictive gaem and great!  
Hey Shnar,How did you become a squire on the TLA without writing an article,Did 
you post lots of forums?Pleeeeezzz tell me!!
What?!? I'm a Squire? I didn't even know that... I'll have to go check it out.
You are correct, I am a squire. Not really sure why...
Shnar, what do you think about having a painting competition here on wiki?
ShnarGru There Has Been A Vandaliser Who Has So Far Vandalised ThePrecious 
& GoblinMaster Page I Have Fixed Up the Pages But Just to Let You Know ther 
IP Address Was 62.171.194.xxx I Hope I've Helped!
Thanks, I'll keep my eyes open for that IP. Vandales normally leave us alone 
after they get their first jollies on destroying a page. If he returns and 
keeps vandalizing, I'll put him on the banned list.
As for a painting contest, I think contests would be fine, though it would be 
tricky to keep everyone honest, since there's no hardcoded way to determine who 
votes for what. Without a lot of time on my part (which I currently have none 
or you'd see me more active here ;) ), the only way we could do it is something 
similar to the way //Polls// are conducted now. Just have a a PaintingContest 
page or something, allow users to put in their images, then on a certain day, 
let every user have a vote...
Well, [[Osbad]] has agreed to JUDGE the competition for us (which entries start 
today for :D) <br>
So, I think that this will work better, because most people would want to enter 
the contest and then each person would just vote for themselves. Which isn't 
really goin to work. So, everyone GET THOSE ENTRIES IN! Yuo  have until the 
14th to enter and the winner will be announced on the 31st with a runner up.
Hey KingOfGondor Why Don't We Just Put Up A Rule So That They CANT Vote For 
Nah, i like having [[Osbad]] judging.
What are the prizes?
Ahhh... hmmm... ah... you'll see. Dont get your hopes up :|
I was just jokin
Hi ShnarGru, I was wondering how do I get my name in the catorgory users page? 
And why do I have have to put <nowiki>[[ and ]]</nowiki> around my 
name to make it a link and other users dont?
Simple. To get your name on the CategoryUsers page, all you have to do is add 
the word "~CategoryUsers" to your homepage. All that the 
"category" pages are is search pages, looking for any and all pages 
that have that word on their pages. Kinda benign, but it works.
As for your name, look at the WikiName topic. In order for Wiki to 
automatically link a work, it has to have **more than one capital letter**, 
separated by lowercase letters. This is usually taken care of if you use more 
than one word in your name. If you do //not//, then you have to wrap the word 
with the double-brackets to sorta *force** Wiki to treat it as a wiki-link.
Is this clear?
Cool thanks
Hey congrats on your article on the TLA,and yes I gave you a star!
Thanks, I finally got around to posting it up. Next one I do will be the flets, 
but for that I've got to find the time to finish them ;)
I have read your coment 
               For ALL your converting needs
Good, did you understand it? We all want more members in our community, and 
these members need to understand proper "wiki-etitique". Also, don't 
forget to set your username in the UserPreferences, that way we see a name 
instead of an IP address for you :)
Hey ShnarGru why arent you ever on msn?
I am, I'm on all the time, if you're talking about MS Messenger. My account is 
Well, I see you on TLA all the time and that means  time differences aren't a 
problem, but I have never seen you online.
I have also sent you emails when you are on TLA to see if you will go on, but 
still I have no luck, you don't even go on the TLA or wiki IRC rooms! Please 
come on!!
Strange, I've seen a couple other TLA and Wiki users (like Osbad), not sure why 
you can't see me. The chat rooms I can't connect to from work, due to the 
dont delete any pages as AnimalWizard has been setting pages to be deleted and 
i havent changed them all bak yet
Most pages seem to be deprecated and there are a lot of plain stupid pages 
AnimalWizard is creating. The site is getting totally trashed!
I am AnimalWizard and would like to make this statement.
=== **Statement** ===
I am TheConverter's brother. He is #DEPRECATED ing everybody's pages. Even 
mine. If you want to blame someone blame him. Please leave me alone and stop 
blaming me.
I am NOT #DEPRECATEDing everybody's pages. TheConverter says he's me and is 
deleting every thing. blame him not me.
Why should we believe you AnimalWizard everything was working fine until you 
came along and you have created loads of paged which just waste space!
You've given TheConverter A Bad Name!
The problem is we don't really know if this is truly two different people or 
not. If TheConverter's younger brother is truly doing this damage, this means 
that he knows to change his name in the UserPreferences, and has taken the time 
to do so. Most vandales don't take the time to leave a signature, they just 
vandalize and move on. We've had other problems with TheConverter deleting 
pages and taking credit for other's work, so I'm not sure who to trust.
Even if we assume that everything he's said is true (which I'm willing to do), 
if AnimalWizard can't be reigned in and controlled, **both** users will be 
banned since I can only ban via IP Address, and not specific user account...
Hey ShnarGru, great job on your battle report for the tla, it looks very 
popular, alot of good feedback, is today (Thursday the 11th)a day off in the 
U.S. which im pretty sure it is, thanks for doin all that clean up on the site!
Thanks. I hate messy sites, so I'll come in every now and then and just do 
clean ups. And I'm glad the Battle Report turned out as good as it did. I based 
the overall layout as they do it in WhiteDwarf, which might be why it looks 
good. And as I've said many places, it was one of the funnest articles I've 
written so far ;)
I just hope I can get Issue #2 done before the end of the week :/
I think that there should be something on the side of the page that states who 
is on this website at the time and how many. Will you please see to this. Thanx
Dear Mr shnar.
I think you'll find that i have found a loop hole in your security system.
See if you can work it out.
Hey shnar sorry bout deprecating page but didnt realize it was an actual page 
caus ive never been on it before. :)
No worries, it happens, since most vandales are either a complete removal of 
all text, or a complete replacal of ****-text.
Welcome to the site! For any help, just ask me.
You're welcoming Shnar? He created this site :D
LMAO!!! :D
fooooool of a took
Well, we're all a jolly lot today. :)
-[[Ranger of the North]]
Oops! lol
LMAO! Oh and good choice on blocking the vandale posting all the links :)
Is it just me, or is Shnar Gru not around much anymore?
Yeh seems that way, but im sure a while ago he posted something saying that he 
wouldnt be around as much 
Ah, I see.
Nah, I'm here, continually monitoring for vandales. Since I've been so busy RL, 
I haven't done much LotR work lately, so I don't have much to contribute in the 
ways of articles. I still have that one BattleReport to finish with my son (got 
my notes and some images) for BGiME #2, but other then that, I'll be in the 
background until RL lets me get back into the game.
Have you checked the comments on your Battle Report? If you have, nevermind, if 
you havent, check now!!!
Please help. As i am new, how do i create links to other personal pages, such 
as a battle report page, or a terrian page?
Look at WikiName and WikiLinks for some specifics. In general, you take many 
words, capitalize each word and squish it together into one word. Then wiki 
will know that this is meant to be a link. For example, if you type in 
~MarshallOfTheMark (see how we have four words, Marshall, Of, The, and Mark, 
but they are squished together into one word) you will see a link to 
To create new pages, the easiest way to do this is to edit an existing page and 
enter in a new multi-word word. When you save it, if that new word exists, 
there will be a little questionmark next to the word. Clicking on it will go to 
the page that allows you to create the new page. For example, you should see 
the question mark next to this word: ThisIsALinkToANewPage. If you click on 
that question mark, you'll create a new page.
Sub pages are those "grouped" into a specific page, in a hierarchical 
fashion. To create a new subpage, you need the master page, a forward slash, 
and the child page. For example, your Miniature page should be 
Annoying Vandals... Why don't you just block every Vandal that Vandalises this 
I'm pretty lenient with vandales. There's a couple reasons that I don't just 
block every vandale:
 * Currently, we can only block based on IP Address. Since most people have 
dynamic addresses, they tend to change, so blocking IP Address #1 will only 
work for a short period of time. Next time the user logs in, he'll have IP 
Address #2, and we'd have to block that as well, making blocking a difficult 
proposition in general.
 * Blocking who IP domains (for example 205.92.2.xxx) has the potential of 
blocking people who arn't vandales. That's a problem, which is why I dislike 
 * Most vandales are one-time only offenders. They get a kick out of 
vandalizing, wreck a couple pages, leave and never come back. We are much more 
dedicated to this site than the vandalizers are, i.e. we come back every day, 
the vandalizer will almost never return. As such, it's easier to repair the 
damage than to block.
 * Blocking is a hardcoded event, only I can do it. Fixing pages, anyone can 
fix it, so again it's easier to fix than block.
 * It's so easy to fix a vandale, that also makes me lean towards fixing 
instead of blocking.
Hope that explains it a bit more...
I think everyone who comes to this site as their first time shoudl have to 
enter a name for them to be known as, so you can just ban them through that 
name instead of their ever-changing IP address.  If possible, of course. :p
-[[Ranger of the North]]
But what happens if someone just enters "ShnarGru" as the name? 
That's the main reason I don't force someone to enter in a username before 
editing a page...
Same thing could happen with user preferences - I could put in KingOfGondor as 
my User Preferences name and get KoG in alot of trouble and... hey... thats a 
good idea! Wont do it though <.< >.>
You're website is amazind but takes ages to load because it is so big. I'm new 
to this site and I don't know many tricks. How do you make links on your page 
instead of having 1 long page?
Yeah, some pages (like my own) are getting larger and larger. I might do some 
cleaning up here in a bit, deleting old messages. As for making links, check 
out WikiName. In rough, you just make multiple words squished together, with 
each word capitalized. To make "child" pages, add the forward-slash 
Hey Shnar Gru du you think you could judge the convertion comp.
Hey, i am having tons of trouble trying to find an image hosting system. I have 
lots of photos i could share but annoyingly i cannot put any of them down. 
Just read about that idiot vandel before. The way someone can just log on and 
destroy a page that might have taken hours to produce is kinda scary. Are you 
sure there are not extra security measures that you can take? (apart from 
No fear dude. Just go to veiw other revisons and you'll find all the other 
versions of your page just click on them then save them. Somehow that didn't 
work once but it did for me. All of my articles got deleted once.
Yeah, that works well if someone messes w/ your stuff, or if you just 
accidentally delete something.
how do you add photo's to an article?
You have to have another server host it (it helps keep bandwidth down on this 
server), then just put a image link to it.
More than happy to help. I must say that it is good to have a lot of spare time 
to help out, now I've finished Uni.
Wow! You've finished UNI. An ICT course wasn't it? Its been ages!! Since I've 
been here. I've forgetten all the code. I just thought Id pop on seeing as it 
was still in my favourites. Have a Merry Christmas!
Just wanted to say hi , did you really make this site?
Hey ShnarGru, What the hell happened? The site went AWOL for weeks.
Yeah, my bad. The creditcard I was using to pay for the hosting had expired and 
the company for some reason didn't contact me, so the site effectively expired. 
I got so busy RL that I hadn't viewed the site for a good 3 weeks and then saw 
it was down. I contacted the company, paid the back bills, got them to restore 
the hosting and files, etc, which took almost another week all said. We're 
here, and even though I have trouble finding time for this hobby, the site will 
be here for a //long// time. 
Sorry about the hiccup,

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